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Gift Giving – many of our translation clients ask us – what to give their Chinese counterparts

Chinese Translation in the Food and Beverage Sector doesn’t have to be expensive.

It’s not just a walk in the park – Mandarin Interpreting critical with every step

Melbourne turns it on for Boao, with a Tour de Force in Simultaneous Mandarin Interpreting

Get the Right Chinese Name for You and Your Business

Chin Interpreting Team in Action Interpreting for President Xi – “He smiled”!

How Gough’s legacy has impacted on our journey to China

Reflecting on a Successful Mission to China. Keys to Good Mandarin Interpreting, with Chief Mandarin Interpreter Charles Qin

The 7 P’s that make CHIN an Award-winning team, by Kate Ritchie

Would you like brown veneer with your dinner? Translation howlers on wine labels


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