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by Charles Qin Shark Fin House at 131 Little Bourke Street in Melbourne’s Chinatown,...

As the Year of the Metal (techno) Rat is upon us, a couple of...

  • By Kate Ritchie We’ve been fielding calls in the last fortnight from well-heeled and struggling Chinese businesspeople in Australia who are wanting to help Australia fight the coronavirus, whether it be to manufacture or import protective equipment or to set up community aid organisations. These individuals have been the beneficiaries of migration to Australia, and […]

  • By Kate Ritchie Many of our colleagues and clients have been asking us about the best action to take for their Chinese friends and stakeholders during this coronavirus epidemic, so that they can remain in contact and not make any communication errors, but, in fact, build a stronger relationship for the future. There has been […]

  • by Charles Qin Shark Fin House at 131 Little Bourke Street in Melbourne’s Chinatown, a popular restaurant for over three decades, is one of Melbourne’s iconic Yum Cha destinations.  Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, its business has plummeted and patronage has fallen by 80%.  Mr Gabriel Chan, the owner, laid off more than 50 […]

  • Ratbags——鼠年大吉

    January 21st, 2020

    Welcome to the Year of the Rat! The Rat will start to play on 25 January 2020 and will be quiet again when the Ox charges on 12 February 2021. As the first animal in the Chinese zodiac, the rat may not be well regarded in the West, but in Chinese culture it symbolises good […]

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