A Golden Age of Translation for Chinese Exchanges

Sport and art have provided a broad landscape for cooperation – from the early days of Australia’s involvement with China to today when the relationship is far from its zenith! As exchanges continue, perhaps they will provide a route to another golden age.

Who would have thought Aussie Rules Football would be played and watched in China! There have been matches played in China since 2010 providing not just sport, but all the business and relationship building that accompanies it. In addition, soccer, basketball and even cricket have been shared between the countries. Chinese teams have toured Australia too.

The Olympics in Beijing were in 2008, but in 2006 Chinese delegations descended on Melbourne to observe the Commonwealth Games. In 2004, our MD Charles Qin travelled with clients to the Athens Olympics so they could pitch to Chinese in attendance (with his interpreting support).

The next Olympic target is Brisbane, and Chin is lining up to assist with Chinese marketing and lifting the curtain on another marvellous city. We’ll be 40 by then!

The arts and sporting world connected in February 2022 for the Year of the Tiger.  Celebrating with the ninth annual Chinese New Year concert at Hamer Hall, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performed to an almost full house a repertoire of Chinese and western favourites; on the same night 7 feet tall ZHOU Qi performed on the basketball court at John Cain Arena (nice synergy there with the old premiers!) in front of a packed audience marvelling at his wizardry and cheering ‘jia you’!

Over the years there have also been wonderful touring exhibitions.  The famous Terracotta Warriors and A Golden Age of China – exquisite works from China – were amazing, as was the National Museum of Australia “A New Horizon” exhibition in Canberra of contemporary Chinese art.

There have been musical troupes, circuses, and dance and song. Many of our leading performance companies have toured China and Chin has been able to support them with translations and marketing, for example Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and The Australian Ballet. Touring exhibitions like Victoria’s Chinese Museum’s “One Million Stories”, Aboriginal art exhibitions, and literary tours of writers underline the close relationship between the peoples.

Chin is proud to have supported many of these activities, building Australia’s expertise and sharing cultures.

Sport and art connect Chinese communities and Australia with China keeping the bonds strong and leading the way back to a better relationship in the future.


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