Four unlucky

In Chinese (Korean and Japanese), some people consider “four” to be an unlucky number, as the pronunciation of the number four is similar to “death”, some places even remove any floor numbers with four in them, and many people don’t like car plate numbers with four in them. Some businesses try to avoid using four on products exported to China preferring to use 8.

Lucky Four

However, in traditional Chinese culture, the number four, an even number, is considered auspicious and not ominous.  The “four aggregates” in traditional Chinese culture symbolizes perfection; the year is divided into four seasons, the land is divided into four directions, cities are divided into four levels of suburbs, you need to have four boundaries when building a house and you need to prepare four gifts when giving to others.  Those who like mahjong? Four is everywhere!

In Chinese culture and religion, there are also the four heavenly kings, four guardian warriors, and four great beauties.

Australian Mobile Numbers start with 04

Australian Mobile numbers start with 04, everyone uses them and it doesn’t seem to bring any bad luck!

Four In the Real Estate Industry

A real estate agency in Sydney was selling a house in Vaucluse with the house number four, but because of the negative view about 4, the got it changed to 2B considering that the buyer could be Chinese. In fact, it would’ve been much better to just leave it as it is (2B is a colloquial way to call someone an idiot in Chinese!). A little knowledge is a dangerous thing in the world of language!

In Australia, there are many things related to four.

The “Big Four “  Banks

NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and ANZ, similar to China’s big four banks: ICBC, AgBank, BOC and CCB.

Australia’s four major non-financial companies

1 BHP Billiton Limited; market value 86.97 billion AUD

2  Telstra Corporation Limited; market value 60.3 billion AUD

3 CSL Limited; market value 51.6 billion AUD

4 Wesfarmers Limited; market value 46.2 billion AUD

Australia’s top four hospitals

1 Auburn Hospital in Sydney, is known for its Emergency Department, on average patients can usually go home within four hours.

2 Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia’s top public hospital with a history of 165 years, affiliated with the University of Melbourne, known for their clinical research.

3 Royal Children’s Hospital, ranked 53 in the world, known for their trauma treatment and heart and liver transplantation for children.

4 Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, known for their neurosurgery and liver transplantation.

Australia’s top four tourist attractions

When visiting Australia, the following four attractions should not be missed:

1 Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge (we’ll put them together)

2 Uluru

3 Great Barrier Reef

4 Great Ocean Road

Australia’s four Large States

There are four states in Australia with a population over 2 million, they are New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

Four Corners program by ABC

This program is a must if you want to see media investigations on major issues.

The four most important annual tennis events -The Grand Slam

The Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open are known together as the Grand Slam, and Melbourne hosts the Australian Open every year, the Australian Open also has the highest prize money out of the four.

Australia’s top four Wine Regions

Australian wine is famous around the world, the four major wine regions are Barossa Valley, Yarra Valley, Margaret River and Hunter Valley.

Four most famous wineries in Australia

There are thousands of wineries in Australia, below are the four best-known wineries:

  1. Ranked No. 1 is without any doubt Penfolds. Penfolds is Australia’s most famous and largest winery, considered an icon and royalty in Australian Wine Industry. If you want to learn a bit more about Penfolds, remember to read the book The Rewards of Patience, which has been expertly translated into Chinese by our company.


2.Coming in at second place is Wolf Blass.

3.Third place is Lindemans.

4.Ranked number four  – Rosemount.

Something they all have in common is good engagement and good brands in Chinese.

Australia’s four famous actors/actresses

  1. Cate Blanchett: Best Actress Oscar Winner at the 86th Annual Academy Awards for her performance in “Blue Jasmine”.
  2. Hugh Jackman
  3. Nicole Kidman, you need to watch her performance in “The Interpreter”, some occupational hazards!
  4. Russell Crowe

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