Sublime numbers – like Australia’s produce – it’s time to move back into China

Just like beautiful Australian nectarines and dairy produce achieved earlier this year, the time is ripe to get back to China. Get ahead of competitors and crank up your marketing activities, for example participate in some online activities to generate interest. 

Our recent Aussie experiences in China should be encouraging to Australian businesses as positive energy returns to the market.

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, China’s consumer market is expected to grow more than any other country up to 2030, and will generate more than a quarter of global consumption growth.

There is a US$5 trillion growth opportunity over the next decade, and China’s “digital natives”, born between 1980 and 2012 are expected to be a key driver of this growth, the report advised.

Contact at a ministerial level has resumed between China and the new Albanese government – a good early sign that the relationship is being rekindled, as is reported removal of sanctions on Australian coal.

Despite Covid lockdowns and politics, trade with China has been growing. Once the Covid clouds disperse, strong competition will return to this market.

Digital First

With around one billion internet users, China’s ecommerce sales grew to $1.7 trillion in 2020, equivalent to 30 percent of all retail sales in China (McKinsey).

There are many activities that can be undertaken right now to start your foray into the Chinese market or reinvigorate your presence there.  It might not be possible to visit physically but there are online events and digital channels waiting.

Positive Collaborations

Chin collaborated with two organisations early in 2022 to deliver events live and online to Chinese influencers.  Such events can be effective even from a distance and there is plenty of help at hand from governments and agencies in Australia and China.

Summerfruit Australia with SOTO Group promoted the Tōpa brand of nectarines, specially developed for the Chinese market, with the support of the Victorian government at its Victoria House event space in Shanghai.  A cooking demonstration informed a hand-picked audience of influencers, media and trade boosted by a large online campaign provided by the Chin Communications marketing team.

On a similar theme, Dairy Australia hosted an event for guests on and offline where a celebrated Aussie chef created some treats to promote Australian dairy to another enthusiastic audience.  With regular events and online webinars, and an active presence on WeChat, DA has been effective in growing its Chinese impact. In 2021 (latest figures) dairy exports to China jumped 45% or 84% above the five-year average (

What these successful events had in common: The use of social media channels to promote and connect broadly; 
  • Different Chinese social media platforms have distinct functionalities and target audiences.

Our team strategically selected the most suitable Chinese social media channels for different brands, and published content based on each channel’s characteristics. Influencers were also included in specific campaigns to maximise media exposure.

  • Good Chinese language collateral; 

Our team specialises in Chinese content localisation and copywriting, whether it is social media posts, brochures, or website content, all content is localised and engaging, resonating with Chinese local audiences, wherever they are.

  • Long-term engagement with key sectors online (while travel isn’t possible).


It isn’t hard to do! For a free consultation about China marketing, or to make sure you get your communications spot on, contact the in-house team of marketers and translators at Chin. 

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