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Find out how to reach AND impress a Chinese audience on this new Weibo platform

Businesses all around the globe are getting onto Weibo in the hope of attracting business from the cashed-up Chinese buyers. Dispensers of cosmetics, winemakers, tourism operators, even yours truly – translators are hooked. But how many of you have thought about how to engage and why you want to be there in the first place. This is a not-to-be-missed seminar which will give you the background and tools you need – if you want to do it yourself, or the knowledge to sort out how to manage your own Sina Weibo account.

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China’s Consumer Revolution is Underway

The Chinese consumer revolution is underway – and anyone doing business in China will need to respond. Private consumption is going to replace investment as the main driver of GDP growth in China. Household savings will decline and Chinese consumers will buy more and more. China’s middle class will be huge – McKinsey sees growth of 900% or more in this segment of the Chinese population.
Anyone doing business with China needs to rejig their approach – a big part of that needs to including communicating with Chinese in Chinese Language!

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