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Mission Accomplish – Eight things you must do to make your mission possible and a FABULOUS OFFER to help you

Whether you are one of the 600 plus delegates heading on the Baillieu Super Trade Mission to China, or whether you are joining another mission to China, we’ve put together some helpful tips and pointers to make every post a winner for you. You may only have one chance to impress and make that valuable connection.
Turn the Super China Mission into Your Super Business Opportunity – Your Ticket to a Successful Future!

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9 Billion up for grabs in Australia’s Hottest New ‘Investment’ Market

A new Gold Rush awaits Australian operators who want to cash in on this hot new market for business. We’re speaking about tourism – Chinese tourists are going to storm the world and Australian operators need to know what to do to attract their fair share. Find out how:

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50,000 New Skyscrapers by 2025

China had 50% of the world economy in the Ming Dynasty. Present estimates have China back at this level by about 2050. Isn’t it time you thought about engaging with China?

Just think, what will China need to build 50,000 new skyscrapers? The opportunity remains huge and Australian businesses need to get their skates on.

A new mission to second tier cities headed by Ministers Rudd and Emerson will present many new opportunities in cities that are about to boom. Rudd’s message though should not be underestimated – the importance of getting the right language and culture support on your team. That’s why Chin Communications’s Charles Qin has been engaged to assist the Ministers on the trip as Mandarin Interpreter. We can help you with your Chinese translation needs as well for the Mission or at any time.

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Would you like brown veneer with your dinner? Translation howlers on wine labels

Hang on, I didn’t order a brown veneer – it was the shiraz! So much for handing over your important wine labels to unqualified, inexperienced translators. This is the type of stuff we see regularly produced in China to sell your wine! Wine language is complex and specialised and if you truly want to sell your wines in China, please ensure good translations are used – and that is just the starting point.

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