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Hey Big Spender – Chinese Tourists Arrive

Number one in spending in Australia – we want more Chinese tourists to come to our shores. At the Australia China Tourism Summit in Cairns last week, there were a lot of Chinese attendees and plenty more touring around. As Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson indicated – Australia needs to improve its language and culture offering to Chinese visitors to keep them coming and to realise the forecast of $6 billion to be spent by Chinese tourists in 2020.

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What’s in a Name – as Translators doing business cards – it is a question we ask every day!

Translating names can be very challenging and should be handled by professional translators. But what about some of those weird names out there. The Philippines, as recently reported on he BBC has some rippers – and they aren’t translations. Had me thinking about how we might create appropriate translations in Chinese.

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Gift Giving – many of our translation clients ask us – what to give their Chinese counterparts

The gift-giving culture is becoming even worse in China – especially if you are a giver! What pressure to deliver expensive gifts to all your friends and family. We’d like to hear your gift stories to assist all of our readers in making the right gift choices and not causing embarrassment or jeopardising those all-important relationships with Chinese colleagues.

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