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Mission Accomplish – Eight things you must do to make your mission possible and a FABULOUS OFFER to help you

Whether you are one of the 600 plus delegates heading on the Baillieu Super Trade Mission to China, or whether you are joining another mission to China, we’ve put together some helpful tips and pointers to make every post a winner for you. You may only have one chance to impress and make that valuable connection.
Turn the Super China Mission into Your Super Business Opportunity – Your Ticket to a Successful Future!

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Could Your Chinese Translator / Interpreter be an Imposter?

Today the body responsible for accrediting translators and interpreters in Australia – the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) – has been forced to suspend its Chinese testing program due to its tests being found on social media! Have you been a victim of a dodgy translator? How would you even know – not until the deal turns sour or litigation ensues perhaps. There is a lot more to choosing the right Chinese Translator than NAATI accreditation.

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What’s in a Name – as Translators doing business cards – it is a question we ask every day!

Translating names can be very challenging and should be handled by professional translators. But what about some of those weird names out there. The Philippines, as recently reported on he BBC has some rippers – and they aren’t translations. Had me thinking about how we might create appropriate translations in Chinese.

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