Monash University celebrates with Chin Communications – our 30-year history and the translation profession

Thanks Monash University for sharing this moment with us.

It is a reminder to us all about the important contributions of translators and interpreters and informed by dedicated academics including some new books published.

To meet up with translators and interpreters who have worked with Chin for many years; to introduce our marketing services and to celebrate ten years of our Monash-Chin Communications Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies Scholarship and its newest recipient is a great union of theory, practice and experience.

See more about the celebration, the translation books, the fashion and our words of thanks. To look back over 30 years of translation highlights.

Professor Charles Qin, Managing Director, Chin Communications, spoke at a joint event: “Chinese Translation – a celebration of its impact: Monash University and Chin Communicati

100 years of Cadbury chocolate in Australia

90 years of our ABC

70 years of Queen Elizabeth II

50 years of Diplomatic Relations with China

30 years of Chin Communications

In 2022, it seems we are in good company …

The jobs we do as interpreters and translators are important – in fact critical to our future.

Here is one important reason:

Language is subtle and nuanced and you want to make sure the translator is too.

When language goes wrong it can be very costly.

In recent diplomatic talks between China and the US, “speak from a position of strength – 与中国打交道时,要扬长避短” was translated into “从实力地位同中国谈话”, which caused anger and a rebuke from China, because this, in fact implied American superiority: “speak to China on the basis of power.”

“China makes ‘four demands’” was widely condemned here in Australia and the PM said he wasn’t going to respond to any “demands”; in fact the statement had been four “comments”- 4点意见 – the media loves to beat up a story, and poor translation is good fuel!

We sincerely hope Australia-China relations will improve soon; translators and interpreters will continue to play a key role.

Unlike today, 30 years ago, China was hardly in the news – people thought that we were mad starting a business in the China space. What started out as just two people has deepened into an in-house, full service business where we employ translators, interpreters, graphic designers and now a marketing team. Highlights for our team have included the opportunity to interpret for world leaders like Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama; Australian PMs, premiers and numerous ministers, and not to forget superstar Olivia Newton-John.

It might sound exciting and glamorous – it isn’t always like that. Back when President Xi Jinping visited, I was in the Great Hall in Parliament House interpreting at a lunch.   Every single chair in Canberra’s parliament must have been in use.  They didn’t have anywhere for me to sit – they eventually found a little, low trolley with four wheels, put a tablecloth on it and I had to sit on it, like a teapot, rolling back and forth for discussions around the table!

By contrast, in China interpreters are afforded high status. Once a Chinese senior official fed me with her spoon, feeling sorry for me, sitting behind her and starving.  Things are improving, but we all need to make an effort to raise our status and the importance of what we do and how we do it.

It’s ten years since we set up the Chin Communications Translating and Interpreting scholarship with our great friends at Monash University. We’ve met a lot of your wonderful master students and we’ve nurtured many Translators and Interpreters over the years; thanks to Monash’s generosity for hosting our scholarship and for giving us some of our wonderful, long-serving team members.

Finally, on our 30th anniversary, thank you to the Chin team – each and every one of you has contributed enthusiasm and dedication; ideas and hard work.

Confucius say: “At 40, I no longer suffered from perplexities. 子曰:四十不惑”

Can’t wait!

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