Chin Communications Making History in 2022

2022 is a year marked by significant milestones:

100 years of Cadbury chocolate in Australia

90 years of our ABC

70 years of Queen Elizabeth II

50 years of Diplomatic Relations with China

30 years of Chin Communications

It seems we are in good company …

A Chin Retrospective – Thirty years of History

What happened in 1992?

Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping went on his celebrated southern tour of the city of Shenzhen kicking off China’s rise to economic superstardom.

The Queen marked 40 years on the throne.

The first McDonalds opened in Beijing.

The treaty was signed to set up the European Union.

The Mabo native title case was recognised in Australia.

Chin Communications was founded.

Our future was questioned by some – Who’s interested in China? Who would want to learn Chinese?  Well, 30 years on …

What’s happened since?

Shenzhen, in fact, is a marker of the China miracle with less than a million population in 1992 it now has 13 million and is an economic powerhouse and gateway to China.

Not everything went well: Brexit has shattered the EU (and more recently a war); Deng Xiaoping died in 1996 and his drive towards a market economy has been reversed by the incumbent Xi Jinping.

Back on the positive side of the ledger: McDonalds now has almost 4000 stores in Beijing (Australia around 1000 by comparison) and the Queen will enjoy her Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

Chin is celebrating the big 30 and looking ahead to 40.

During the last 30 years, we’ve witnessed tremendous change. From Australia’s bit player role with China in 1992, 2022 marks 50 years of Diplomatic Relations, Australia being one of the first countries to recognize the People’s Republic of China. Since our founding, China has become Australia’s number one trading partner, source of tourists and valuable international students and buyer of everything from wool to milk and most of our minerals

ELTHAM College would like to congratulate Chin Communications on 30 wonderful years of valued service to the international sector. We value the strong relationship, built over many years, that ELTHAM College has developed with Chin. Whether we seek assistance with written or verbal translation services or expertise in cultural protocols across a range of different countries, we can always trust that the translation is not just a literal translation of words, but a true reflection of the sentiment expressed. Such an important part of building lasting relationships with our stakeholders. Congratulations to all the wonderful staff at Chin Communications, we look forward to working closely with you for many years to come!

Franceen Challons, Head of Admissions, ELTHAM College

China has kept Australia afloat and helped us during financial turmoil such as the Asian Crisis, the GFC and the pandemic.

Chin has transformed from handwritten Chinese to instantaneous social media, embraced AI and zoom and gone global.

Confucius say: “At 40, I no longer suffered from perplexities.” 子曰:”三十而立,四十不惑”

Can’t wait!

Thank you Chin for our wonderful team including translators, interpreters and marketing experts.

Most of all thank you clients and friends. We have loved the journey and we all look forward to the next chapter.

Oh and it’s 200 years since the Rosetta Stone was deciphered – one for the linguists out there!



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