Chin Communications and Translation on the Award List Again


[28 October 2019, Ethnic Business Awards, Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney]

On the awards stage again – this time in Sydney – Chin Communications has achieved another accolade as Finalist for Small Business in the Ethnic Business Awards, celebrating the inspirational achievements of migrants to Australia. The awards have been running for 31 years.

Charles Qin, Managing Director of Chin Communications, in receiving the accolade, called out the bad press about China recently as being “unbalanced” and said: “Where would we all be without China!”

Twenty eight years ago, when Charles migrated to Australia, the country was coming out of the “recession we had to have” – not the best time to arrive in a new land. Then along came China. “The nay-sayers laughed when I told them I was going into the China business in 1992”, Charles said. It looks like a pretty good decision now. China has underpinned Australia’s economic success story. And Australia is home to over a million Chinese, since the first migrant arrived in 1818, Charles said:“There has been a lot of bad press in recent months about China.  I’m here to suggest that it is mostly unbalanced and to ask you: where would we all be without China. But it’s not only about China – Australia is a true success story in multiculturalism and these awards and all the nominees are testament to that and are truly pioneering. ”

Charles in his long career has been involved in some momentous occasions and borne witness to China’s success story.

He has interpreted for all Prime Ministers from John Howard, served governors, premiers, presidents and world leaders in his capacity as a Mandarin Interpreter here and around the world.

Charles has been involved in celebrations like 40 years of Diplomatic Relations; Sister-State and Sister-City relationships now also in the 40+ year category. He worked for many years and a number of trade ministers on the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, and has interpreted for three Chinese Presidents, Premiers and other world leaders.

Chin Communications, is widely regarded as a leading Chinese communications authority in Australia and the diverse portfolio of clients and engagements keeps the in-house team of translators and interpreters challenged: for example: the arts, agriculture, food and beverage, finance, property, technology, education, tourism and even sport.

Chin has supported state governments and territories in attracting skilled migrants and investment from China and in helping businesses deal with China.

Businesses, education institutions and governments are all welcoming international students, visitors, investors and migrants – in addition to that, Chin translates in many languages whether Arabic or Vietnamese, Indonesian or Russian – creating iconic brands for wines, and helping companies secure investment while bringing understanding and colour to major events like the Spring Racing Carnival.

Whether telling stories about indigenous art or translating paddock to plate agribusiness, language and cultural nuance are central – you need to get this right to succeed in foreign markets, said Charles Qin, Managing Director of Chin Communications and multi-award winner.

Chin Communications has been delivering Language and Communications services for 27 years from its head office in Melbourne, and is widely regarded as one of the leading Chinese communications specialists in the region. In addition to Chinese, Chin regularly supports up to 50 other languages in the community and business. In recent years, Chin has opened a new division delivering marketing, social media and design services to its clients.

Last year, Chin and its team received the prestigious Melbourne Award – Multicultural Corporation, and the language industry’s highest honour – Excellence in Interpreting Award for its work. Well done Team Chin.

The Awards just keep on coming!


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