If you are a tourist operator or receiving Chinese tourists anywhere in the world, the key periods to prepare for are Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) and Golden Week (National Day/Moon Festival) holidays. First of all you need to attract tourists to your destination (website, WeChat, Weibo content) and then look after them on arrival.  Hint: Chinese language content translations will be a drawcard!

If you are a businessperson wanting to visit your Chinese counterparts, however, avoid these dates.

Don’t forget to send your greetings to friends, colleagues, staff and clients in advance of the two important festivals: Spring Festival (5 February) and Moon Festival (13 September).

Get out and about in your city and enjoy the multiple celebrations going on during these festivals.


New Year’s Day 1 January

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) 4 -10 February

Qingming Festival 5-7 April

Labor Day 29 April-1 May

Dragon Boat Festival 7-9 June

Moon Festival 13-15 September

National Day 1-7 October


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