Mastering Chinese Gen Z’s Favourite Social Playground – Enjoy Unrivalled Brand Engagement

By Xinyu Pan

Generation Z, born somewhere between the disco jams of the mid-90s and the Instagram-ready early 2010s, isn’t just a demographic. They’re the trendsetters for the future! According to the Australian Financial Review, these young trailblazers already command 36% of total retail spending, projected to hit 48% by 2030 in Australia. To snag this influential group’s attention, you’ve got to tap into their social media preferences.  

Gen Z’s Social Media Landscape: The Rise of RED

For Chinese Gen Zers, RED is the most popular social media platform. Boasting over 200 million registered users, more than half under 30, RED is Gen Z’s new social playground. Regarding overseas RED users, judging from the amount of content on Australian life, it is clear that RED is also a popular platform among Chinese people living in Australia, including international students, young professionals and families. 

As a unique blend of social media and e-commerce, RED lets users share life snippets, rave about their favourite products, and enjoy a seamless shopping spree.   

How did RED become the darling of Gen Z? Here’s a peek into their secret sauce:

UGC is the Key

Gen Z doesn’t know a world without social media, but what wins their hearts is the amount of original content rather than glossy ads. RED statistics shows that this platform has 300 billion posts viewed every day, more than 70% of which are user-generated content (UGC). These raw, unfiltered viewpoints and insights, as well as authentic content, increase the credibility of RED and build trust with Gen Z.

The Power of Community

RED has mastered the art of creating a vibrant online community, and Gen Z lives for it. RED is a community of real people and you can always find content written by other users in very similar situations to you. 

Collaboration with Content Creators and Influencers

RED launched its official marketing platform in 2019, empowering influencers to engage with Gen Z. They share their everyday lives, providing an intimate look at their preferences and lifestyle choices. These influencers, perceived as authentic and relatable figures, sway Gen Z’s shopping choices with their lifestyle snippets and product recommendations. 

The Chin team has gained insights into the importance of alliances with the right influencers for brand shaping on RED, browse our success cases below:

Personalised Experience

Gen Z craves tailored communication. They prefer ads that mirror their online activity and interests. RED’s algorithms satisfy this craving by curating content based on users’ past interactions. 

RED has become Gen Z’s most popular social media platform through its unique blend of social media and e-commerce and its focus on authenticity, community and personalisation. Remember, the goal of marketing isn’t just about selling a product or service, it’s about building real connections, fostering loyalty and long-term engagement.

Use these tips to attract your Gen Z consumers:
  • Craft honest and personalised content.
  • Cultivate the RED community with active participation in discussions and regular feedback collection.
  • Collaborate with the right influencers.
  • Enhance personalised experiences by examining user engagement data, refining content strategies, and creating personalised posts.

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