Time to Make Preparations for the Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2024

By Kate Ritchie

If you would like to have Chinese customers for your products or services, this article will help you; in particular tourism and hospitality, health and wellness, retail, sport like the Australian Open Tennis, and local activities like a concert. Chinese visitors and locals alike will want to travel, dine out with friends and family and share gifts and experiences and buy up big.

Now that Australia is a top destination of choice with Chinese travellers once again, the opportunity for local businesses to tap into this rich vein has never been better than Chinese New Year 2024. The key to capturing some interest and buying intentions is to plan early. Chinese New Year – the Dragon Year – kicks off on 10 February 2024. In China the holiday will last from 10 to 17 February.

With our holiday festive season coming in December-January, we always advise clients to plan ahead and get their marketing offers ready in plenty of time. It is a real pain to come back to work in January and have to rush this process.

So why is the Dragon Year so good?

After all, to be a Dragon in the West conjures up an angry, old woman! (not sure why always a woman …) – unfriendly and frightening! And there lies a big cultural gap between East and West! Because in China dragons are the opposite: friendly and lucky and Dragon years are always one of the most anticipated and celebrated.  If you are a Dragon, you should consider yourself lucky! 

The Chinese zodiac is a 12-year cycle, with each year associated with a specific animal sign. The Dragon is the fifth animal in this cycle and is often considered the most powerful and auspicious of all the signs. Dragon years are known for their energetic and dynamic qualities. People born in the Year of the Dragon are believed to inherit some of these characteristics.

Typically, Dragon years are marked by a sense of adventure and progress. They are associated with innovation, change, and transformation. It is said that during Dragon years, people are more likely to take risks and pursue their dreams with enthusiasm and determination. This can lead to significant breakthroughs in fields like technology, business, and the arts. So if that inspires you to act…

What Can You Do to Chase the Dragon?

First of all the Dragons need to find you! And you should have a good offer waiting for them.

  • Think about your products/services that already appeal to Chinese customers and produce a package deal or special offer and pricing
  • Advertise the offers online, in your shop windows, on social media in plenty of time (and in Chinese language)
  • Stoke up your interest with some social media posts referencing Chinese New Year on platforms like RED and WeChat
  • Collaborate with some local influencers on social media to really drive interest
  • Produce a special Dragon Year menu (for a restaurant, for example)
  • Prepare special gift packaging – dragon theme
  • Arrange Chinese New Year cards and send them out early (e-cards)


If you need help with any of this, our wonderful Marketing Team is always available to guide you. Contact us on info@chincommunications.com.au and get your free strategy to chase the dragon!To read our Dragon Year forecast, find out about famous dragons and what to expect in the 2024 Chinese Year of the Dragon, tune in later in January when our soothsayers will have the low-down.


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