Chinwags is Chin Communications’ quarterly newsletter, which has been published since 1995. It provides you insightful stories and pointers on China business, language tips and interpreting/translating advice. Currently the latest two issues of Chinwags are available through below links, or from our Chin Communications’ website.

Chinwags February 2018 – Best wishes for the Year of the Dog

A year of social change but one that rewards warm hearts from this loyal companion – wishing you all the energy and empathy of the dog…


Chinwags December 2017 — How to Run a Serious Training Program for Chinese Delegates and Attract More Business

For many years, the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) has established itself as a world-class institution for the provision of public sector education …


Chinwags January 2017 — The Crowing of the Rooster

The Rooster is a party animal who loves to shake a tail feather and will always be the centre of attention if he has his way! They are also compassionate creatures and …


Chinwags June 2016 — Overnight Success In China

During Australia Week in China in April 2016. Minister for Trade & Investment, the Hon Steve Ciobo, participated in two RDNS signing ceremonies with new business partners in China – one to expand training and education into China, the other with a large private hospital group in Qingdao to establish a range of in-home care services …


Chinwags February 2016 — Chinese New Year edition: May All Your Wishes Come True

Creative, Curious, Crafty, Cunning, Charismatic, Cheerful, Clever — that sums up our Monkey pretty well and after the sedate sheep, the year is set to go a bit Crazy under the Charming Monkey …


Chinwags December 2015: Training Programs Forge Vital Connections — The ANZSOG Model

Professor Allan Fels AO was once described as one of the most influential figures in Australia, so when he gets involved in a project you know it is important …


Chinwags June 2015: Budding Mandarin Interpreters & Interpreters — Chin Communications Master Scholarship Continues

Last week, Chin Communications renewed its Masters Scholarship with Monash University’s School of Languages, Culture and Linguistics. The Scholarship is open to students in the Mandarin Program. Chin also welcomes applications from students for practicum placements and internships with its award-winning team …


Chinwags February 2015 — Chinese New Year edition: Get in Sheep Shape

The sheep is among the animals that people like most. It is gentle and calm. Since ancient times, people have learned to use its fleece to make writing brushes, woolly jumpers …


Chinwags December 2014: Our Biggest Week on Australia-China Stage

After a long ten years, the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement was finally signed. President Xi Jinping, Madam Peng and a large delegation of ministers and businesspeople descended on Australia and a trade frenzy began. November was like a moving sedan chair with events staged at the Brisbane G20, in Canberra, Sydney and the fantastic day in Hobart. A retinue of politicians, businesspeople …


Chinwags Moon Festival 2014 issue: September 2014

Hang Up Your Lanterns

While you are enjoying some delicious mooncakes, we invite you to sit back and laugh out loud at our latest production “The Mandarin Interpreter” video.


Chinwags Chinese New Year 2014 issue: January 2014 — Year of the Horse

A Galloping Year of High Energy and Continuous Improvement

Prepare for a thrilling ride starting on 31 January 2014. The Year of the Horse is viewed as a year of action and good fortune. Be prepared to grab hold and hang on – horses need freedom and room to run – dream big and you can cross the winning post


Chinwags Sept Issue: A very cost effective way to connect to Chinese

Many businesses focus all their attention on selling the metaphorical “pair of socks” to everyone in China, forgetting the large domestic Chinese population in Australia which provides a captive market – if you can ‘capture’ them, that is. Chinwags September issue looks at the demographics and explores where you can find these Chinese buyers and how to appeal to them – right here at home.


Chinwags May Issue: The Chinese Consumer is King

In China the consumer is king – the whole world in pursuit. How can you engage them and their wallets?our current issue of Chinwags tells why: staggering numbers and purchasing trends online in China – 120% growth rate over the last 10 years, $210 billion in revenue in 2012, more online buyers than anywhere on earth and estimates of up to $650 billion/year to come in this decade. Chinwags follows the money looking at a number of sectors of interest to Australia.


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