Christmas for Chinese – A marketing opportunity like no other

For many of us, turning the page on 2021 can’t come quickly enough. We are all keen for a new start and a good break and returning to ‘normal’ for Christmas.

Spare a thought for the Chinese community in Australia.  They, too, have missed out on important festivals, seeing families overseas and travelling home regularly. Being so far away from family and friends has been tough for them too. And there appears to be no end in sight for when they might be able to visit China again.

Solace is at hand and we can all participate. It’s never too soon to think about an opportunity.

What is this opportunity?

I’m speaking about Chinese New Year 2022 – it’s “Christmas for Chinese”. It will be like no other! After two years of cancelled festivities, dinners at home and staying put rather than travelling and sharing experiences, the Year of the Tiger is set to roar.

International travellers might be few and far between (although we have met some from Singapore already), but Chinese in Australia and online everywhere will be shopping, gifting, wining and dining and looking for new places to go and experiences to share.

Piggybacking on Christmas festivities is Chinese New Year (1 February 2022), so December will run into the lead up in January and into February – making this a selling season like no other. And we’ve all got a lot of catching up to do.

So, why now?

Well there are plans to make, offers to develop and content to produce. And you’ve likely got holidays over Christmas.  Time to start your preparations now. Your competitors won’t be resting either. Think of this like Christmas for Chinese.

How can Chin help?

Every year Chin runs a Chinese New campaign to help our clients and friends. This year is no different and it starts now.

Firstly, you can view our CNY webinar with lots of ideas you can implement yourselves and tips for all budgets.

Secondly, we’ve developed some super package ideas for all types of business, whether you are a professional service provider, or FMCG brands, real estate, tourism and hospitality, or you are an organisation with Chinese stakeholders – there are options for all and budgets to suit.

Finally, a no-brainer is a lovely Chinese New Year card.  Every year our clients love to send these electronically to their stakeholders.

We’ve designed 3 cards this year with a variety of inspiring messages to accompany them. If you do nothing else, this is an inexpensive and respectful way to show your care.

What do you need to do?

Decide if you’d like to do a Chinese New Year promotion and in what form, and what budget you have.

Discuss with our marketing experts to get ideas and to see if you need external help and how that might work.

Consider a timeline for your offer or promotion in plenty of time before 1 February (Chinese New Year’s Day).

Our team will be happy to help with advice and support as you wish.

Contact us via email or call 1300 792 446.


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