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We’ve come full circle since first establishing ourselves as Chinese translation experts 25 years ago, marketing our brand and language translation service to a diverse audience across the globe. We made our mark in Australia, China, and beyond.

That was then. Today, we help other brands and companies succeed by applying the lessons we’ve learned along the way. We capitalise on empirical and data-driven insights to work towards clear marketing objectives.

Partnerships for Prosperity – Victoria’s China Strategy

We translated and typeset the Victorian Government’s new China Strategy ‘Partnerships for Prosperity’ , which represents a fundamental shift in how Victoria engages on the world stage.

The Strategy was negotiated and written collaboratively with key stakeholders in the Chinese national government, the Jiangsu provincial government and the Sichuan provincial government.

It details six directions that will, over the next decade, build stronger engagement with China on all levels – economically, socially, culturally. These directions are:

1. Strengthening government alliances within China’s economic development zones – providing a clear focus to our efforts while creating an entree to broader engagement with China.

2. Establishing Victoria as Australia’s centre of excellence for Asia insights and capabilities.

3. Building connections through reciprocal cultural partnerships and establishing new platforms for people-to-people engagement.

4. Attracting investment, including into the Government’s infrastructure pipeline, to support Victoria’s continued economic growth.

5. Supporting successful business engagement with China.

6. Targeting trade activity according to Victoria’s competitive advantages and identified market opportunities in China.

These directions are a pathway to achieving the Victorian Government’s vision that Victoria becomes Australia’s gateway to China and the most connected State with Asia.

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