A stroll down any Chinatown these days will reveal change: some of the old favourites are gone and new aspirants are opening up and there are plenty of spaces for more to try their hand.

As Covid took off early last year, fans of Melbourne’s Shark Fin offering rallied support; a big lunch at restaurant Shark Fin Inn was held and optimism returned (momentarily).

Roll on 12 months and it is a different picture; our Chinatown in Melbourne is getting busy again when in the depths of lockdown you could shoot a gun down Little Bourke Street. And there are big changes in the real estate.



Two noticeable brands are gone: Shark Fin House and Dragon Boat and that is tragic.  Both were famous for Yum Cha when queues would form on the weekend. Shark Fin Inn is still going, thankfully. Some new names have arrived.

Mr Bo in Little Bourke Street and Colourful Yunnan just around the corner in Swanston Street are two to catch the eye. Mr Bo joined forces with another eatery, Spicy Fish, in the depths of Melbourne’s pandemic and has dumplings you’ll just love!

Colourful Yunnan, with an impressive list of locations already in Melbourne, has opened up its rice noodle offering. You’ll possibly say it is the “Best rice noodles I ever tasted”. I love them and they are distinctly of a Yunnan persuasion (I’m from Yunnan but trust me!).

Whatever your preference, or if you want to try something different, Melbourne’s Chinatown is great to explore.

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Monday 19th April
7:11 am