Meet Wenhui from Chin family and the winner of Monash University’s Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies Scholarship

Wenhui has been part of Chin family since 2018. She is currently studying her Master of Interpreting and Translation at Monash University. Her passion for language, design and fine arts is a true treasure to Chin. Listen to her story with Chin and how she was drawn into the world of language.— Editor’s note 

Before I moved to Melbourne, I spent several years in Sydney. My background is Fine Arts, and I was studying at UNSW Art & Design. I majored in Photo Media and later focused on Printmaking. People always wonder why I changed my path so dramatically, and chose to study translation and interpreting which is a completely different realm to Fine Arts. For me, it was fate – I didn’t choose translation. Translation chose me.

In Sydney, I was studying under the renowned Australian printmaker Michael Kempson. During that time, he was going to have an exhibition in China and he needed a translator to translate exhibition brochures and other materials for the exhibition. As I was the only Chinese student in his class, he entrusted me with this important job. I was very honoured yet worried – I didn’t know anything about translation, let alone if I could do it well. Kempson encouraged me to try it and see how it went. The translation was sent to a professional translator to proofread, and the feedback was “the quality of the translation was excellent, I can’t believe is done by a student without any translation training”.

That is how I discovered I had a passion for translation. But more importantly, I discovered the joy of translation – studying the meaning and searching for the right word. As I was close to finish my Fine Arts degree, I considered whether I should take the path of translation since I enjoyed it so much. Kempson encouraged me to pursue my passion, and because of his encouragement, I decided the fate of my path.

I chose Monash University because it has one of the best Master of Interpreting and Translations Studies programs in Australia. Also, after many years staying in Sydney, I wanted to experience living in the one of the most liveable cities – Melbourne. I move down to Melbourne with the ambition to become a translator as well as an interpreter. When I started my degree in July 2017, I enrolled into the translation-only stream. After the first semester, I successfully transferred into combined Translation and Interpreting stream. I was very excited but also nervous because interpreting seems very challenging. Currently I’m halfway through my degree, and I’m confident that with my passion and dedication I will become a professional translator/interpreter. I look forward to using my skills and knowledges to build a bridge between cultures and languages, to help others through communication and understanding.

When I was applying for Master of Interpreting and Translations Studies at Monash University, I discovered that the program also offers scholarship for students with outstanding academic achievements. Later I have heard a lot about the donor of the scholarship – Chin Communications, one of the best companies in Australian translation industry, and the founder Charles Qin is the top Mandarin interpreter in Australia. I was wishing one day I could work at Chin Communications, working alongside with the best interpreters and translators in the industry. But then I didn’t know that dream would come true and it was just the beginning of my journey.

After hearing Chin Communications offered a practicum opportunity during summer, I immediately applied. I still remember how nervous I was at the interview. But staffs at Chin was very friendly and welcoming. I expressed my passion for translation and my connection with it, and was successful!

I have learnt so much from my invaluable work experience at Chin Communications.

When I started my second semester, Chin Communications offered me an opportunity to continue working as an intern. It was during this time, that I also applied for the scholarship. I did not tell anyone at Chin, because I wasn’t sure whether I would be successful. I still remember when I told the company CEO Kate Ritchie about it. She was very surprised and thrilled – she hugged me three times and congratulated me hundreds. Everyone at Chin Communications said they are very proud of me.

Chin Communications is like a family to me – helped me to grow and to thrive. I am very honoured to be the recipient of this scholarship. This scholarship gave me confidence and pride to continue pursuing my passion. I will keep dedicating myself to translation and interpreting practice, contributing to both domestic and international industry. I am committed to building a bridge between different languages and cultures; to help others communicate, understand and to inspire others and to connect the world.


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