It’s not just a walk in the park – Mandarin Interpreting critical with every step

A bright tie stands out – Mandarin Interpreter Charles Qin keeping up with an action-packed agenda.

Carefully choreographed with many events on the program, the visit of Premier Li Keqiang (China’s number 2) in 2017 was a big deal with many organisations wanting to be part of the action. Mandarin Interpreting resources were high on the list of priorities for all involved. To leave your request to the last minute left few options for good communication.

It was eight years since then Vice Premier Li Keqiang visited Australia.  From then till now, Chin and its team of interpreters are still keeping up. Without interpreters, the understanding would be compromised and there would be fewer deals to celebrate. As it was, a long list of signings across sectors from agriculture to tourism was marked by the prime ministers.

A boost for Aussie beef and Aussie Rules

If Australia sticks to its trade and economic strengths, the future will continue to be positive and not just for cows and footy, there will be more opportunities across expanding sectors. A warm welcome and a well thought-out program paved the way and it was a good sidestep away from the United States to a closer relationship with China. After all, we’re both committed to free trade, to a new partnership in the region without the US (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership), and in an uncertain landscape with the new American President.

This year marks 45 years since Diplomatic Relations were signed and Australia has always had that early advantage over the US. Every visit in either direction always brings good opportunities. The logistics are a good lesson for how to stage a visit too.

The role interpreters play

Getting back to the intriguing language situation.  As you will have observed on TV, the interpreters are always close by and ‘have their backs’ and need the acute hearing to keep up whether on a brisk walk or ‘interpreting’ an aboriginal welcome to country; then into a soundproof booth delivering fluent fast-paced English to Mandarin interpreting. There is a lot of preparation beforehand. You have to be fit!

If you’re planning a visit to/from China don’t only consider the high-level negotiations, also think about relationship building and conversation topics.  Prepare well and plan every step for the visit. Importantly, secure good Mandarin Interpreters early on and make sure they are well briefed and looked after!




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