Your customers are already in town, the next thing is to grab their attention… But how?

By Yayi Wang

Attracting Chinese International Students and Tourists: The Power of Chinese Digital Marketing on RED

After three years of border closure, all the lively capital cities in Australia are coming back! As an increasing number of international students and travellers return to the country, local businesses are presented with unique opportunities to attract a growing consumer demographic: Chinese students and tourists. You may remember the great contribution they made to the Australian economy before Covid, now we are coming back to that time again!

In order to attract Chinese consumers’ attention, making your brand visible is undoubtedly the first step, but as we are talking about the Chinese community who speak a different language and use completely different social media platforms, what is the best strategy? 

Outdoor banners, flyers or free samples may still work, but here is a much more cost-effective way you should consider in 2023 – run a Chinese influencer campaign on RED!

What is RED?

RED, or Little Red Book, or Xiaohongshu (its Chinese name!), has emerged as an influential Chinese social media platform for Chinese consumers seeking recommendations on products, services, food, travel tips, and everything else. Its huge trove of user-generated content and recommendation system makes it easy for users to find what they want, and handy for businesses to get their information out into the market.

Important things to know when you run a RED campaign

When designing a RED influencer campaign, it is important to understand the platform’s unique features and, most importantly, to have the right content!

RED is primarily a visual platform, with users sharing photos and videos of their experiences with various products and services. From our previous cases and observations on the platform, RED users are looking for authentic and trustworthy recommendations, which means influencer campaigns that prioritise user-generated content and organic product reviews are likely to be the most effective.

Thinking about the budget?

It’s your say!

RED campaigns can be flexible and suit all budgets. Whether you are a start-up business with limited budget for marketing, or you have the budget for a comprehensive campaign, we can work out a tailored strategy just for you.

Its long-tail effect also makes RED a good budget option when doing influencer marketing among the Chinese community. The RED system will continue pushing through popular content to new audiences, and all published content is searchable. Make sure your content is valuable, engaging, and has all the relevant keywords, the platform will do the rest for you.

Do I need to hire a RED campaign manager?

Creating an effective influencer campaign on RED can be challenging for local businesses who are unfamiliar with the platform’s features and restrictions. This is where the role of a Chinese marketing agency comes in – like us! 

Chin Communications’ marketing experts specialise in designing and implementing effective influencer campaigns on RED, the campaigns we have run for clients from different industries have been received well and considered a great success! Our team of RED experts will work with you to create a customised marketing plan, helping you increase your brand exposure and drive revenue growth.

Check out our success stories on RED:


Our team works closely with local businesses to identify the best influencers on the platform, no matter if you are a restaurant, grocery store, beauty clinic, event organiser, or travel destination, we will help you identify the right influencers who are most likely to find the target demographic. 

We will  make sure the content is engaging and relevant, and showcases your products or services in a visually appealing and authentic way to attract your target audience.

Contact us today on 1300 792 446 or info@chincommunications for a free consultation, and find out your best RED strategy!


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