How to translate English to Chinese for social media

In fact, it may not be translation you need! But you must know what is being said

Many marketing managers and business owners express concern about publishing content in other languages. They worry about lack of control over the content and especially over risk to reputation. There are certainly a lot of cowboys out there who have popped up in recent years on the back of the China opportunity.

It concerns some businesses we’ve spoken to that they have a lack of oversight and awareness of what is being posted on social media and how it is received. Certainly in some recent social media political campaigns we’ve seen embarrassment was ever-present:

 A politician was “feeling excited” about a campaign promise for children; unfortunately the choice of words had sexual connotations that definitely needed to be corrected.

Marketing and language solution

Sometimes communication issues see a breakdown in understanding. Sometimes the content is translated in China with a lack of awareness of Australia and our language and society.  Sometimes the translation itself is the problem as the end result can be stilted, unnatural and of little interest – or highly embarrassing. Translation is only part of the process.

A blend of qualified English to Chinese translators works closely with our local Australian–based Chinese marketing team, who have experience in both China and Australia. Our local language team collaborates with our marketers and copywriters to ensure the language and writing is correct and to provide NAATI certified, signed-off back translations with helpful suggestions for approval and peace of mind.

Further to that, both teams are available to discuss or clarify and adjust points or to make urgent changes.

Our clients have full input to strategy, topics and plans, down to the content, images and layouts of social media posts, for example. Flexibility is always there to make changes or include any urgent news or updates making it convenient and safe for our clients.

There are many marketing agencies to choose from – indeed, we provide Chinese translation and copywriting services for some of them, but there is a gap between us and the end client. Other clients we work directly for can talk regularly to our marketing and language teams – the people doing the actual work – we see this as a strong factor for success and one that totally removes the language and culture barrier and restores confidence.

For 30 years we’ve been delivering Chinese language services for Australian businesses and governments and our team members all have a deep understanding of both Australia and China. Our Chinese marketing and language teams work as an extension to your own team, we are constantly reviewing, talking and adjusting to best serve our clients’ end requirements – it certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Our clients’ success is our success. Here’s to it!



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