WeChat Reimagined – a social media, but also a website, a blog page and an eDM tool.

By Kate Ritchie GAICD

WeChat is the must-have social media app used by almost every Chinese person.

In Australia alone, surveys indicate that over 84% of Chinese use the app – most people use it 24/7 and do everything on it – first thing to check in the morning, and the last app they check before going to bed at night. 

Importantly a lot of people search for services and goods on WeChat and the power of recommendations is a strong influence on buying behaviour.

In China, social media like Facebook and Twitter are banned. In Australia, for convenience, for language barriers, and because all their friends and family are on it, WeChat is king. So whether you are targeting mainland China or the Australian Chinese diaspora, WeChat should be top of your list.  

You may think WeChat is a typical social media, but… not really

The WeChat operating system and restrictions make it different to Western social media and CHIN wants to develop a different way of understanding WeChat – a change in terminology and ways to measure ROI to make it easier for Westerners to access.   

  1. Chinese Website: many organisations and businesses we work with do not have Chinese websites (or Chinese content on their websites). For starters, sites are likely invisible unless they are hosted in China; secondly, Chinese people want to search in WeChat and do not want to move outside the app. What if you could set up your website within WeChat! Well this is exactly what we do for our clients – it can be a mini-website with navigation and all the relevant information and contact details right there inside the app that almost every Chinese person uses.
  2. Chinese blog/eDMs: A WeChat presence builds credibility, visibility, trust and makes updates easy – and that is where our next point of difference is: you need to keep updating your content to be found and relevant – whether on a website or social media (like WeChat). What we can do to assist for your WeChat is write blogs – not only that – we can create attractive layouts, use suitable images and powerful copywriting to bring your blog to life and ensure it is widely read. Once you establish a solid follower base, your blogs can also serve as eDMs, delivering your latest updates directly to your audience. Through strategic promotion, your blogs have the potential to go viral, reaching a wider audience and generating increased interest in your offerings.


However, it’s not possible to make every blog go viral, but with your help – and those of your network, Chinese staff and stakeholders and with a bit or promotional budget – this can be widely circulated and shared. It takes time, but the investment pays off – not just in followers but in the wider reading and sharing (and searching) for your information which will translate into sales.

It takes careful planning and execution but WeChat is an important piece in your strategy to sell to Chinese.

Which social media marketing channel to use?

Since WeChat is more of a website and blog platform, is there a Chinese equivalent of Facebook or Instagram? The answer is yes! RED, also known as Little Red Book or Xiaohongshu, is a popular social media platform among Chinese users aged 18 to 45. Our previous work on RED showcases how it can be effectively utilised to capture attention and engage with Chinese audiences.


Whether your goals involve WeChat, RED, or other Chinese marketing strategies, our dedicated Chinese marketing strategists are here to assist you. Connect with us at info@chincommunications.com.au or call 1300 792 446, and let us help you develop your tailor-made approach to the Chinese market. Your success in reaching Chinese audiences is our priority!


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