Zoom to China with Remote Interpreting

Where to use Remote Interpreting

If you are doing business in China, meeting your Chinese stakeholders is an important way of growing sales and interest.  Since COVID all of that has stopped. China may already have forgotten you, or worse, they may be listening to some of the negative propaganda about Australia, or even worse talking to your competition.

The relationship between governments has soured and that is all the more reason to up your communications and ensure your products and services are front of mind with your Chinese audience.

There has been a lot of talk lately about opening up new markets and that is a great long-term ideal but for the moment, while we are all locked down, it is much more important to preserve the markets where you have already opened the door – for many of us that means China. You can’t visit your business partners, China team, or other stakeholders at the moment, but it is vital to keep in touch with them.

The perfect and cost-friendly solution is via “remote interpreting”. A relatively new field of work and a new term meaning your meetings can be held remotely, as can the Mandarin language interpreters who will get your important messages across. Now over 80% of interactions are being done ‘remotely’ where they would have occurred face-to-face in the past. Who knows, this could be the way of the future! Your competitors have likely cottoned on, you must too!

Charles Qin and Elaine Tian in remote interpreting mode  “Stay Together” is important for interpreting teams too!

We’ve been supporting our clients in a range of settings from one-to-one discussions through phone interpreting (or Skype interpreting), lengthy interviews of witnesses in legal cases on zoom (witnesses in China), webinars where the presenters have 200-300 attendees all online listening to English/Mandarin with interpreters in real time (simultaneous interpreting), to signing MOUs or marking milestones with celebratory speeches and ‘events’, also bilateral meetings (between governments), and even running competitions on the internet – all with remote interpreting.  For this work, the linchpin is the interpreter/s; the technology is there to support the event and make sure everyone can hear (and see); the interpreters make or break the event depending on their language capability and training (and internet connection). A poor internet connection can be remedied, poor interpreting cannot!

Unlock the Power of Remote Interpreting

Travelling an interpreter across the globe can be an expensive exercise. Now thanks to the power of digital technology you can meet all your interpreting needs at a fraction of the normal cost. Remote interpreting allows you to host zoom meetings with confidence. With one of our highly skilled interpreters on the line your non-English speakers can understand you, and you can understand them. Business back on track.

Want to know more: Download our Full Guide on The Secret to Hosting a Successful Multi-language Digital Event.

Chin Communications is currently offering short remote interpreting trials or calls for free. Please contact our team on 1300 792 446 or info@chincommunications.com.au to book in a call, or find out more.


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