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The Monash Intercultural Lab (MIL) at Monash University encompasses translation, interpreting and intercultural communication. Since its founding almost 20 years ago, then known as the Monash University Translation and Studies Program, MIL has sought to establish close relations with industry partners who themselves are examples of professionalism and excellence in the areas of translation, interpreting and intercultural communication. The reasons for this are multiple: close contact with partners in the language services industry informs the design and delivery of our teaching; our students acquire skills and experience through tailored practicums or internships with industry partners; our research of contemporary trends and processes of translation and interpreting practice benefits our teaching and informs our industry partners of developments, based on empirical data and theoretical principles.

For 30 years, Chin Communications has developed from being a Chinese translation and training company to a leader in interpreting, translation, brand development, audio-visual production, web design, marketing services, and more. Monash is proud to be an education partner to Chin Communications which has always supported the high-level training of translators and interpreters. As evidence of this support, in 2012 Chin Communications launched the Chin Communications Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to the two best-performing Monash students in Chinese-English interpreting and translation. For over 10 years, scholarship recipients from Monash have benefited greatly from internship stays at Chin Communications where they have been able to apply skills acquired at Monash and further advance these across a range of workplace settings and contexts. Some of them are now staff members, such as Xiaokang Marcus Liu, now Language Manager at Chin Communications.

In September 2022, we proudly hosted a joint Monash-Chin Communications event at Monash Docklands campus that celebrated Chin Communications’ 30th anniversary, the 10th anniversary of the Chin Communications scholarship and the presentation of four recently-published books that reflect the achievements of Monash staff researching Chinese-English translation and interpreting.

In the same way that Chin Communications has grown, so have we. Monash Intercultural Lab continues to be the home of the Monash Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies. Our program also encompasses academic units in the Bachelor of Global Studies and in intercultural communication at both under- and post-graduate level. These areas of study and research are important to ensure that we have qualified, capable and highly-skilled professionals to service the linguistic and inter-cultural needs of today’s workplaces. We look forward to further years of working with Chin Communications to help achieve this.


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For more than 30 years, we have been the gold standard for translation, interpreting, and Chinese marketing. We have you covered whether you need to speak in another language, prepare written translations, or want to market to Chinese people in a way that is respectful of their culture.


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