Madame Flavour

Food & Beverage


Madame Flavour is a Melbourne based tea brand with its tea products sold online and offline in supermarkets. Madame Flavour realised the Chinese buying power and love of tea and wanted to reach out to Chinese tea-lovers to get to know the brand and, in turn, increase sales.


Chin observed the popularity of floral and fruit teas among young Chinese females. Therefore, it suggested RED as the most suitable platform for ‘influencer’ marketing.

RED (Xiaohongshu), also known as Little Red Book, is one of the hottest Chinese social media platforms where users share their opinions on all aspects of life: food, travel, lifestyle, and more. The RED community consists of a large number of Key Opinion Leaders and Key Opinion Consumers. Information spreads via word of mouth, with a vast number of users and an advanced recommendation system, RED is known to take brands directly to their target market.

This campaign combined Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinin Consumers (KOCs) – KOLs to bring more exposure and KOCs to create content for RED’s recommendation system to pick up and promote to other users.


Total reach 25,000+. All posts were received well on RED, with comments expressing interest and intention to purchase Madame Flavour tea products. Six weeks on, we are now seeing organic growth of the brand to tea fans.