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Successful executives, managers, and coordinators never leave anything to chance. Sometimes, through hard experience, they’ve learnt that their stakeholders may not understand English as well as they thought. Or relying on the other side’s interpreter was good for the Chinese but not for you. They’ve likely also seen the bad outcomes from poor or no interpreting.

Placing trust in our in-house interpreters has led to successful interactions. Our team is competent and experienced in a wide range of sectors, including law, government, education, finance and technical areas like agribusiness and mining.

If you need a certified interpreter, don’t look any further. Our team is ready to book a Chinese interpreter for your meeting.

Our NAATI Level 5 Interpreting Makes Us the Leader
We are proud to be the only company to have a NAATI Level 5 Mandarin interpreter on staff. Having this level of expertise in-house sets us apart from our competitors as, indeed, does an in-house team – all committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

NAATI Certified Interpreters
Quality and professionalism are important to us. That’s why all of our Chinese interpreters are NAATI certified, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to providing the highest level of service.

The value of a trusted interpreter by your side

In business meetings, successful outcomes often hinge on the quality of the Mandarin interpreter. That is because you are reliant on your interpreter and base your decisions on their accurate interpretation. Worse, you would also be unaware if they are giving you incorrect or incomplete translations. Who’s going to tell you?

A trusted interpreter can facilitate effective communication and build trust between parties, making it easier for both sides to agree or negotiate in a clear way.

Why Using a Professional Interpreter Is Always a Good Idea
We worked with a company facing difficulties with its Chinese board members in securing approval for decisions. After discussing the meeting details, we found that the client relied on a Chinese employee to interpret, which placed a heavy burden on that employee who wasn’t qualified. It also resulted in a lack of impartiality, often leading the employee to align with the Chinese owners. The Australian team came to us to help solve their communication problem. We advised them to engage an impartial and independent, qualified interpreter. Since then, meetings have proceeded smoothly, faster and with decisions able to be reached based on correct information. The employee was also happy to be removed from this tricky position.

That is why we advise businesses to be careful when choosing a Mandarin interpreter, because the quality of the interpreter can have a big effect on how well a meeting or business deal goes.

Chinese to English interpreting services are necessary whenever you need clear and accurate communication with someone who isn’t proficient in English. This can include board meetings, presentations, court proceedings, legal consultations, visiting delegations, and interviews where one or more participants primarily speak Chinese. 

Translation is the process of converting written text from one language to another. It can involve a variety of document types, ranging from a Word document to a professionally designed advertisement that requires a graphic designer to lay out or typeset the translation. On the other hand, interpreting involves the verbal translation of one spoken language to another. Chinese to English interpreting services can be used for board meetings, parent-teacher meetings, court cases, and conferences with delegates from different countries, etc. There are two main modes of interpreting: consecutive and simultaneous. In consecutive interpreting, the speaker speaks English and then the interpreter translates the speech to Chinese. In simultaneous interpreting, the speaker speaks in English, and the interpreter converts it to Chinese in real time. This mode is mainly used for events or bilateral meetings.

China is a linguistically diverse country with significant differences between provinces. For example, Cantonese is spoken in Guangdong and Hong Kong, while Mandarin is the predominant language in mainland China. It is important to know from where in China the person you need to communicate with is from. We can then tailor our Chinese to English interpreting services to suit your needs. Although Mandarin is widely understood across China, ensuring the interpreter is proficient in the relevant dialect ensures accurate communication for your engagement. 

In order to ensure accurate communication, it is recommended that you adapt your speaking style. Speaking in long sentences can make it challenging for the Chinese to English interpreter to remember and accurately convey your message. However, with more experienced interpreters, this is not a concern as they take notes and are well-equipped to handle even the most complex situations. Preparation and research in advance are important so that the Chinese to English interpreter is familiar with the topic and can deliver fast, high-quality interpreting.

Chinese to English interpreter can work either in person or remotely, utilising platforms like Zoom or telephone interpreting. A crucial tool for interpreters is the use of notepads (electronic) for shorthand note-taking, allowing them to capture and recall vital information while interpreting. The presence of a notepad is a sign of a professional interpreter.


With over 30 years of experience you know you’re in safe hands

Effective communication is key, especially during meetings where a Mandarin interpreter is needed. That’s why we offer a team of experienced and NAATI-certified interpreters to ensure clear and accurate Chinese interpreting. We are here to assist you, no matter the type of Mandarin interpreting you need, including:

  • Interpreter for a parent-teacher meeting in Chinese,
  • Interpreting for visiting Chinese delegations, or
  • Providing simultaneous interpreters for a major event.

Talk to our friendly Australian-based Mandarin Interpreters and provide them with your details, dates, times, location and purpose for your event. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you communicate to get your Chinese communications on the right track.

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