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Chinese cultural awareness tailored to your company. Delivered on-site or remotely. It will guarantee a better China business relationship.

Start your China journey with cross-culture training

We offer purpose built Chinese cross-cultural training programs in Australia, ensuring your team has the knowledge they need to succeed in China.


Lasting relationships with Chinese partners

Having a cultural understanding of China is crucial before you embark on a business relationship. Whether you are hosting a Chinese delegation or travelling to China, do it with confidence.

China has a rich and complex culture that influences how people behave, what they value, and how they do business. Without understanding the culture, you may experience misunderstandings or, worse, a missed business opportunity. That’s why our Chinese cross-cultural program is important. Your team will learn to navigate Chinese culture and build lasting relationships with Chinese partners.

As well as how to do business, our program includes learning about Chinese marketing, branding, and social media norms, how to work with interpreters and translators, and even learn basic Mandarin. Our program will enable you to approach your interactions with Chinese partners with greater confidence and cultural sensitivity and set the foundations for a successful business.

We Are a Team Proudly Based in Australia
Our team comprises Chinese and Australians with many years of experience navigating the Australia-China landscape. Since 1992 we have been famous for our support to Australian businesses and governments.

The ultimate Chinese cross-cultural training

Our Chinese cross-cultural program gives your team the necessary knowledge to navigate Chinese culture successfully. Ensuring a better outcome when conducting business in China. Here is what you can expect to learn:

Cultural Differences, Relationships, Marketing Imperatives
Your team will learn about the values, customs, and traditions of Chinese culture and how they impact a business relationship. Contents can also include crucial business functions such as Chinese marketing, branding, and social media expectations, which differ significantly from those in Australia. Understanding these areas is essential for businesses expanding their reach into China.

Working with Interpreters and Translators
Another critical component of our Chinese cross-cultural program is learning how to work with interpreters and translators. Without clear communication, your business is doomed. In China, where Mandarin is the primary language, language barriers can pose a significant challenge. This module equips your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively work with interpreters and translators.

Learning Basic Mandarin
Lastly, the program provides your team with the opportunity to learn basic Chinese. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in China, and being able to communicate in Mandarin can help your team establish rapport with Chinese counterparts.

Yes, we do. We have a multicultural team with diverse experience – tell us what you are doing and what you require and we can develop a relevant program for you.

Generally we cover all the key issues in one session which is tailor made for your purpose. We listen to your plans and discuss and develop the schedule to meet those needs.  Includes Q and A and it can be delivered remotely online or in person.

Depends how hard you study and practice. There are plenty of online tools to help these days or classes you can attend.  From our experience it is very difficult to achieve a native like proficiency, but not difficult to master some key phrases to show your sincerity and enthusiasm. Our training will cover some basic polite terms and pronunciations to help build trust.


With over 30 years of experience you know you’re in safe hands

We believe that Chinese cross-cultural training programs should be tailor-made to your needs. Making the right impression, indeed, choosing the right partners for business will be aided with cultural awareness. Whether you need to:

  • Train your local sales team to better help Chinese customers,
  • Host a banquet at an Australian restaurant, or
  • Prepare your executive team to fly to China to negotiate a business deal.

That’s why we need to have in-depth discussions about your plans and goals. It is important to know who will be attending, your timeline, also where your business partners or stakeholders are from. Our cultural trainers will consider all of this in delivering your cross-cultural training program.

Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

First, talk to our local Australian team on 1300 792 446.

Step 2

Send us your brief, and what you aim to achieve and we'll prepare a proposal.

Step 3

We'll work with you on the program tailored to your needs and deliver on time.


Allow our Chinese experts to assist you

We bring over 30 years of experience to the table. From cross-cultural training, to translation and interpreting at the highest levels, to providing marketing and social media strategic marketing – we have it all under one roof.


“You have supported us every step of the way. CHIN is the best of the best.”

— La Trobe Financial


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