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Setting up a Chinese social media account is complicated. Paperwork with language and legal barriers. But don’t worry, we know the process; we’ll make it easy.

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Setting up a Chinese social media account?

Chinese people nowadays use both WeChat and RED as their daily search engines. So having a Chinese social media presence on one or both helps with brand awareness and growing your local Chinese market. Yet, compared to creating accounts on other platforms, like Facebook or LinkedIn, things are complicated in China. There are strict rules around what businesses can share, which is why there is a lengthy registration and verification process.

Despite the complexity of registering an account, the investment pays off. A digital presence on either WeChat or RED will help open the door to targeting and growing your Chinese customers wherever they are.

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We’re available 24/7 – every day of the week to ensure that we can work on setting up your Chinese social media accounts when you need them. We understand the importance of your time and promise to respond promptly to your needs, whether you contact us by phone, online, or in person.

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Our Chinese marketing team, copywriters, graphic designers and project managers are based in Australia and have been since 1992. Get the Chinese marketing support that brands know and trust.

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WeChat or RED? Which platform is suitable for you?

WeChat is a popular social media platform used by Chinese in Australia and China.

  • Think about WeChat as your mini Chinese website where you can post regular blog articles
  • A WeChat official account allows you to publish blogs, videos and images; limited to four blog posts per month.
  • Open coding allows us to use more advanced functions, including HTML 5 interactive webpage or a Mini-program, similar to an app within WeChat.
  • You can contact and chat with your potential clients on WeChat.

RED is a social media platform that can be considered as a combination of Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit and is full of user-generated content.

  • RED is a vibrant community driven by users, particularly product recommendations, making it an effective tool to drive sales.
  • RED is a highly visual platform, so images and videos play a vital role.
  • Most suitable for business-to-consumer businesses, including but not limited to fast-moving consumer goods, lifestyle services, and travel destinations.

Generally just a few days. We will advise you on the process and we’ll need some documentation from you. As all communications are in Chinese we can manage this for you.

There is no specific range of budget for Chinese marketing; our team can always work out a plan to suit your budget. However, in most cases, we would suggest businesses prepare a minimum of $5,000 for a one-off promotional campaign, or $2,000 per month if you are thinking of running your own Chinese social media accounts.

We and all of our team are based in Australia and none of our work is outsourced to China. Your logins are safely encrypted with us and you own them and your accounts. We operate within the strict rules of each platform so you do not have any risks such as content being deleted by the platforms. You can let us manage the account or you can do it yourself.


With over 30 years of experience you know you’re in safe hands

We believe that Chinese marketing solutions should be tailor-made to address your needs. Because every Chinese marketing campaign is different. Whether you need to:

  • Promote your live event on various Chinese marketing channels,
  • Increase your product sales through Chinese social media, or
  • Inform your investors about your opportunity via WeChat.

That’s why we focus on understanding your goals and what you want to achieve. It’s important to know who your audience is, your deadline, whether your target audience reads Simplified or Traditional Chinese and if it’s for Australian Chinese, Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Our Chinese marketing experts will consider all of this before starting the work.

Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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First, talk to our local Australian team on 1300 792 446.

Step 2

Send us your brief, and what you aim to achieve and we'll prepare a detailed proposal.

Step 3

We'll keep in touch with you throughout the project and deliver to your timeline.


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For over three decades, we’ve been the trusted partner in bridging the language gap between English and Chinese. Our unparalleled expertise as Chinese marketing experts has helped businesses make powerful connections and sell to their Chinese audiences.


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