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When you need to get on the phone in another language. Problems are quickly solved with a good interpreting service.

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Helping companies and governments overcome language barriers by facilitating multilingual meetings through Chinese telephone and video interpreting services.


Make your calls count with our phone interpreters

Successful business owners, managers, and school counsellors are meticulous when it comes to details. They know the importance of accurate and complete communication when presenting information and making decisions. Without trust in language and clear understanding, issues can escalate, and a relationship may fall apart. Our in-house interpreters are there to underpin the communication and make sure all parties are clear.

Our interpreting team is experienced in sectors like legal, education, health, manufacturing and exports. We are ready to take your call and find out how we can help you get the best result from your telephone meeting.

Our NAATI Level 5 Interpreting Makes Us the Leader
We are proud to be the only company to have a NAATI Level 5 Mandarin interpreter on staff. Our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality possible sets us apart from our competitors. It showcases our investment in our team, ensuring that our clients always receive the best service.

The benefits of knowing your Chinese telemeeting Interpreter

In multilingual telemeetings, successful outcomes hinge on the quality of the Mandarin interpreter. This is because a lot depends on the Chinese interpreter’s ability to interpret both into Chinese and into English at a fast pace and control the flow of the conversation. A competent Chinese telephone interpreter can quickly sort through any issues and restore trust.

Why Using Professional Interpreters is Always a Good Idea
Working with a Chinese interpreting company has distinct benefits compared to using a series of freelancers, an employee or even an online app. For example, one of our clients hired our Chinese phone interpreter for a business call with their Chinese partners. Before the meeting, our interpreter texted back and forth with the Chinese contacts to ensure everyone knew the details, like the date, time, and reason for the call. The Chinese contacts sent back messages on WeChat at all hours, which wasn’t a problem for our interpreter as we are on call 24/7. We are used to translating messages around the clock. On the day of the meeting, we called the China office, and both sides were impressed with the smooth and efficient communication.

We always recommend that businesses take care and personally choose their Chinese phone interpreter because the quality of the service can affect the outcome of the meeting and the ongoing relationship.

Good interpreters usually have a diary of activities, so if you want an experienced interpreter book in early. Of course, we often get last minute urgent requests and we will do our best to help – always.

Relying on a professional company to manage your phone calls and to personally select a qualified interpreter for each phone call is a safe option. Our interpreters are all certified and adhere to a strict code of ethics for interpreting. They are all in Australia too. Using an online service or app could mean your interpreter is anywhere in the world and while they may have qualifications of some type your private information may not be safe.

Speak to one of our team and tell them what you need. We are frequently delivering interpreting on Zoom and other platforms. It can be done simultaneously (in real time) using 2 interpreters on the platform. It can be done consecutively as well – speaker speaks, interpreter interprets. This works well for lawyer meetings, affidavit signings and short meetings. Let us know what you need and we can best advise you.


With over 30 years of experience you know you’re in safe hands

If you have business dealings with Chinese speakers, sometimes the fastest way to sort out a problem is to hire a Chinese telephone interpreter. Our team of experienced NAATI-certified interpreters are here to help, such as providing an:

  • Interpreter for a school to discuss urgent student issues with a family,
  • A phone Mandarin interpreter to sort out manufacturing issues, or
  • A Mandarin Interpreter to negotiate changes to a shipment.

You don’t need any fancy apps. You can talk to our friendly Australian-based Mandarin Interpreters and provide them with your requirements: date, time and purpose for your phone call. Speak to us today to learn more about how we can help you communicate with your Chinese stakeholders.

Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

First, talk to our local Chinese Interpreters on 1300 792 446.

Step 2

Send us your meeting details and we'll advise you of the costs.

Step 3

We'll make the arrangements and ensure you have the right interpreter for your call.


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