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Successful executives, business owners, and coordinators are meticulous when it comes to details. They know even a small misunderstanding can have major consequences and that effective communication is key to achieving successful outcomes. Our in-house interpreters will be online with you to interpret all of the discussions or presentations and make sure all parties clearly understand and to deal with any problems, or handle any Q and A.

Our interpreting team is experienced in sectors like law, education, health, manufacturing, environment and mining. We are ready to facilitate your video meeting on your platform of choice.

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Our NAATI Level 5 Interpreting Makes Us the Leader
We are proud to be the only company to have a NAATI Level 5 Mandarin interpreter on staff. A zoom meeting with good interpretation can save time and money and deliver the contents to your audience far and wide.

NAATI Certified Interpreters
Quality and professionalism are important to us. That’s why all of our Chinese interpreters are NAATI certified, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to providing the highest level of service.

Video meetings and quality Chinese interpreters

In multilingual video meetings, successful outcomes hinge on the quality of the Mandarin interpreter. We can support online meetings in several ways: simultaneous interpreting so the audience can listen in their language only and live, or consecutive interpreting – where the listeners hear English and Mandarin interchangeably. Whichever mode you choose, video interpreting means that all parties can see each other, see presentations and understand or negotiate or run a board meeting smoothly and in a time-effective manner.

Using Professional Interpreters Is Always a Good Idea
We can advise on the best set-up and train your staff on how to work with interpreters on your chosen platform. And can provide IT support to your organiser during the video call.

Recently we interpreted for a client who had problems with their conferencing software. Our team quickly assigned an interpreter to work with their IT team. At the same time, another kept the Chinese stakeholders updated on the progress. This left our client happy and enhanced their image and reputation. The result was great, and it led to successful negotiations. What could have been a disaster turned out to be a good thing.

We always advise our clients to take care when selecting platforms and interpreters for their video events. Both aspects need to be working well to deliver a successful outcome.

Our Chinese “Zoom” or online video interpreters are ideally suited for any meeting where an in-person meeting is impractical. These are great for board meetings (parties might be in different countries), client meetings, presentations, training, and any talks where all parties cannot be present in person, whether due to location or convenience.

It is important to follow the same interpreting guidelines as you would in an in-person meeting. A Zoom link needs to be provided and tested. We recommend that clients speak using short sentences and include a noticeable pause, indicating to the interpreter that they can begin interpreting the message in the other language. The advantage of online video interpreting is that it is easier to secure your preferred Chinese Zoom interpreter. This is because interpreters can join the scheduled meeting from their location, unlike in-person meetings, where they would have to travel to your office or location to attend and interpret.

Chinese Zoom interpreting can be a useful method of communication in situations where participants cannot be present in person. For instance, it can be used during board meetings, legal sight translations (eg affidavits), court cases, and even global summits that require simultaneous interpreting. In fact, any scenario can benefit from Zoom interpreting.

All online video interpreting platforms are similar, and familiarity with one can easily transfer to another. However, having a Chinese Zoom interpreter who has experience in your industry and is confident to interpret at the required level is important. For example, court interpreting requires an interpreter who is proficient with court proceedings, while a conference interpreter needs to be able to interpret simultaneously and work with another interpreter remotely. The same vetting process required for in-person interpreting should be applied when engaging a Chinese Zoom interpreter.

Make sure to test the online video platform you plan to use for your meeting. There are many options available, including Zoom, but be aware that some platforms might not be accessible due to China’s firewall. Also, ensure that the interpreter has access to the platform in advance so that they can become familiar with it. Technical and internet issues can happen, so it’s important to choose a Chinese Zoom interpreter who is comfortable with navigating technical hurdles calmly to ensure a productive meeting. A suitable location and good internet connectivity are key.


With over 30 years of experience you know you’re in safe hands

Effective communication is key, especially during meetings where a Mandarin interpreter is needed. That’s why we offer a team of experienced and NAATI-certified interpreters to ensure clear and accurate Chinese interpreting. We are here to assist you, no matter the type of Mandarin interpreting you need.

  • Interpreter for a virtual parent-teacher meeting in Chinese,
  • A video Mandarin interpreter for a legal meeting, or
  • Have a team of Simultaneous interpreters for your online conference.

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