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Chinese business cards

  • Arguably, the most important line on a business card is your title. The greatest impact you can have is with a correctly positioned title in a Chinese framework. Chin specialises in analysing hierarchies and will discuss with you your purpose and target to ensure you’ll be well received.

  • Business cards are often very complex to translate. Titles can be confusing and it is important to understand the overall hierarchy and structure of your company to ensure sufficient seniority (hierarchies and titles are vital in China). Company and personal names can be equally challenging and may require discussion and research. Professional titles and qualifications should be included. Chin can assist with all business card translations and work in any design program to deliver your bilingual business card.


  • Absolutely. Having your name translated is a gesture to show your respect and care. Being challenged to read a name in a foreign language is not always a pleasant experience, especially in the business world. If there is no name written in Chinese characters, it’s likely that the person will just skip the name to avoid embarrassment, preventing you from making effective communication and creating an impression – which is initially what business cards are for.

  • Addresses on business cards should remain in English, except for the name of the country.

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