Find out how to work with translators and interpreters for effective communication.



  • Communication is key. Chin advises the best way to reach out to your customers is to translate useful materials such as brochures, menus, maps, business cards, and website. It is also a good idea engage your customers on social media. Chin can help with all your needs.

  • Doing business in China requires a China-specific strategy, including preparation of Chinese language materials, such as business cards with correct titles, brand creation and protection, profiles, presentations and cultural advice. Chin can help you identify your priorities.

  • Chin works in these programs every day. We can convert your brochure, flyer, business card, advertisement, and even your magazine to Chinese.

  • Absolutely. Whether it’s a website, brochures, communications, video or branding. Chin can help you stand out with powerful results.

  • There are a number of platforms to consider. Depending on your product, service or event, it’s important to use the right medium. Talk with Chin about how you can engage effectively.

  • Chin advises that the very least you should produce in Chinese are business cards, company profiles and executive profiles. Depending on the purpose and nature of your trip, you can also produce in Chinese anything from PPT presentations to promotional videos.

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