Find out how to work with translators and interpreters for effective communication.



  • All our translators are skilled in many technical areas, such as engineering, construction, biotech, health & medicine, science, and  financial. Get in touch about your particular requirements and Chin will better advise.

  • Communication is key. Chin advises the best way to reach out to your customers is to translate useful materials such as brochures, menus, maps, business cards, and website. It is also a good idea engage your customers on social media. Chin can help with all your needs.

  • Doing business in China requires a China-specific strategy, including preparation of Chinese language materials, such as business cards with correct titles, brand creation and protection, profiles, presentations and cultural advice. Chin can help you identify your priorities.

  • Yes. Whether you have individual documents or you are targeting SIV/PIV and other visa classes, Chin can translate and certify everything you need.

  • Absolutely. Chin has a large in-house team, all of whom are Master level qualified and accredited by NAATI.

  • Knowledge of your legal system is essential. Experience in legal translation is also paramount. A thorough checking and review process is ideal for ensuring accuracy. Chin advises that you explore the qualifications and experience of the translators.


  • Chin advises you get in touch with us right away to not waste time. Calling us on 1300 792 446 will get an immediate solution.

  • It depends on how urgently you need it. Chin can deliver translations within hours.


  • Absolutely. From a few key pages to an entire site, we can translate your website. Chin can advise on the best approach.

  • There are two versions: Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Like the names suggest, Traditional Chinese uses the same or similar characters that can also be seen in pre-modern historical scripts and books, while Simplified Chinese consists of simplified and re-organised characters.

  • Simplified Chinese is used in mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Australia, due to migration over 150 years, both versions are used. Contact Chin to find the right language for your purpose.

  • The work scale of a translation assignment can vary after factoring in details such as genre, purpose, urgency, word count, format, and style. Chin needs to see and assess your document/s to best advise you. A full picture will contribute hugely to an accurate estimate and a final product that will reflect your needs and help you achieve the optimal outcome.

  • Bound by a professional code of ethics, fully trained and experienced professional translators render messages into the other language independently and accurately to the best of their ability. In Australia, the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) accredits translators and interpreters who are proven capable of translating between languages. However, true quality comes from a long term commitment in the profession, considerable amount of practice and continuous professional development.

  • In your research for a quality provider, here are the key considerations:

    1. Does the company have in-house capability?
    2. Can you check their qualifications and experience?
    3. Do they have credible client reviews?
    4. Do you have direct contact with the interpreters and translators (not through an agent)?
    5. Do they provide advice on running events, how to best work with interpreters and how your translation project will be managed?
    6. Do they have a strict QA process, including confidentiality?
    7. Are they responsive to your needs?
    8. Do they provide exceptional customer service?

    Do your research, ask around in your industry and be inquisitive.

  • Chin translates all formats and document types, from Word documents to the full Adobe Creative Suite; from brochures and websites to signage and subtitles.

  • In Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese characters are used.

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