About Us

We are the only Chinese translation company in Australia with in-house talent comprising translators, interpreters, designers, writers, and project managers.


About Us

We get better with age.

Since our start in 1992, Chin Communications has embraced change, won multiple awards, and moved forward with the times. We’re now more relevant than ever.

What started as a Chinese translating and interpreting company 25 years ago has now become an in-house, full-service studio. We translate, we design, we write, we create brands, we strategize for the web, we produce, and we have fun. Through it all, we’ve tried to stay true to our promise to quality and client service. And after all these years, we’re still one of the most trusted Chinese language specialists in Australia.

Three things to thank for our success:

Our people

We’re selective with who we let in. Our team is comprised of the brightest translators and interpreters, Masters-level graduates, AICD members, business school graduates, high-level academia, an OAM recipient, and qualified communications experts who are well-travelled, highly experienced, and have lived fully. We invest in our people to nurture their personal and professional development so we can move forward together. Get to know our team.

Our culture

Ours is a culture of empathy and understanding – this is what happens when one shares a space with multi-linguists, multinationals, multi-disciplinaries, multi-cultures: thoughtfulness ensues. We bring out this considered, trustworthy attitude in our work and in our relationships, and many of our clients tend to like being understood. This culture is driven by our ethos: we are many small people in one big world; how can we make the world smaller and our people bigger?

Our approach

We work in-house, and are not an agency. This means clients’ assets are secure, confidentiality is airtight, and we can maintain the highest degree of professionalism and accuracy.

We treat clients as partners, meaning we are transparent about our progress and important decisions can be made together. This allows a highly iterative process that’s able to support many moving parts in a fast-paced environment.

We are backed by technology. A rich resource bank, a live database, and fluency in many software programs allow us to work with continuity, not in isolation, which leads to quick and accurate outcomes.

Looking back – it’s a pretty good view.

  • We’ve won awards, many awards. Most recently, the Excellence in Interpreting Award from the Australian Institute of Interpreters & Translators for our Mandarin interpreting on the Dairy Australia Scholarship Program, as well as Melbourne3000+ Awards in the International category for our assistance to Australian businesses and governments.
  • We’ve participated in some of the biggest and most important gatherings on earth – APEC, G20, the Olympics, UN meetings; and that’s not even the half of it.
  • We’ve shared Australian arts and culture to a Chinese audience with the Australian Ballet, Australian Centre for Moving Image, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, National Gallery of Victoria, and the National Gallery of Australia.
  • We’ve supported the Melbourne-Tianjin sister city relationship for over two decades to facilitate a rich cultural, economic and educational exchange.
  • We’re trusted by various important bodies, such as the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT), National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), Australia China Business Council (ACBC), and the Chinese Interpreters and Translators Association of Australia (CITAA).

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