Behind the Chin Logo

Looking at the Chinese etymology for water the solution for our anniversary logo emerged.


Behind the Chin Logo

The Evolution of Chin and Our 30 Year Milestone

In 2022, Chin celebrates 30 years providing language, and more recently, marketing services especially for Chinese markets. We were a pioneer, identifying the dearth of language and cross-cultural expertise available but vital for a successful foray in China.

From 1992 on when Australian businesses started to grasp China opportunities, Chin was walking side by side with them providing invaluable insights and ensuring all communications were correct and appropriate. We continue that journey today.



Chin is born, answering a need to build bridges between Australia and China.

We started as a Chinese translation and interpreting company with a mission to help Australian businesses get into the China market.



Today we are still on the same mission but with an added blend of creativity providing marketing solutions.

On March 4, 2022, Managing Director Professor Qin received a congratulatory letter from former Australian Prime Minister Howard for his high competence and professionalism in providing Chinese interpretation, particularly during meetings with President Hu Jintao.

Evolution through time

Continuously for the last 30 years Chin has evolved, handling challenges as opportunities. There appears to be no stopping Chin.
The design of the 30th-anniversary mark encapsulates the concept of evolution and adaptability

Concepts for inspiration

Our Chin logo is a mixture of Ancient and Modern. Ancient China and Modern China.

Seeking inspiration to mark our 30th anniversary, The Dao seven virtues of water encapsulates Chin’s history and ethos.

Looking at the Chinese etymology for water the solution for our anniversary logo emerged.

Our in-house expert calligrapher was engaged to undertake the difficult task with help from our Chinese cultural experts and graphic designer. Here is the result:


We live and practise our values and put our clients first. That’s why we are widely lauded for our care and determination, our trust and integrity.

Why not join us as we embark on our fourth decade!