How can we work with you

Your one-stop China Agency


How can we work with you

100% Accurate Chinese Translations, the Best Interpreters, Marketing, Social Media – Your one-stop China Agency

At Chin Communications you can get easy access to our in-house team of highly skilled language and intercultural communication professionals who can work with you in the following ways:

1. Translation services for:

  • All marketing & PR materials, product manuals, press releases, etc.
  • Legal documents and contracts, IP and trademarks, etc.
  • Business procedures including HR, operational, financial, etc.
  • Specialised contents including investment, trade, science, arts, agriculture, maritime, mining, sport
  • All types of presentations including keynote speeches, blogs, articles, powerpoint presentations, videos, podcasts, etc.

2. Interpreting Services for:

  • Events, keynotes, conferences, government & trade delegations, legal, etc.
  • In person interpreting
  • Remote interpreting

3. In-China Marketing, Social Media and Branding Services

  • Design the right visual identity
  • Developing and implementing social media plans and activities
  • Graphic design, typesetting
  • Video production, subtitling, voice over
  • Copywriting

4. Language and Intercultural Consulting Services

  • Cultural insights, advice and guidance in how to navigate other language, cultures, communities and cultures
  • Developing the right communication strategy and messages for the right situations
  • Developing China Market Communication Strategies
  • Recruitment and testing services for Chinese markets

5. Introductions and Networks

  • Facilitate introductions and meetings with individuals and Chinese networks
  • Coaching on how to effectively engage with China markets
  • Event partnerships and support, including delegates, staging, language, sponsorships
  • Asia Gateway Program

By partnering with Chin Communications you will be able to…

  • Grow and expand your organisation by better communicating your messages across markets,  mediums, languages and cultures that matter to you
  • Easily engage your target markets, communities and stakeholders with culturally appropriate communications that build effective, long lasting relationships
  • Mitigate the risk of being misunderstood and misrepresented in foreign languages and cultural contexts
  • Avoid costly errors, reputational damage and financial risks by getting your language and intercultural communications right the first time
  • Work with our Chinese markets experts to navigate the right roads and more confidently engage with Chinese markets