Keeping your China dreams alive

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Keeping your China dreams alive

You’ve already made inroads in the Chinese market and we understand how first Coronavirus and now politics is throwing your plans up in the air

Many of our clients are wondering how to keep their Chinese business and relationships progressing at the moment.

Let us give you three strategies to keep your Chinese plans moving forward.

  1. Keep in regular contact with your contacts and customers and show your care and understanding and your intention to keep doing business with them. Find our useful Chinese translated messages for your Chinese counterparts here.
  2. Quickly develop your preferred communication channels depending on your business, eg WeChat or zoom meetings, and book a Mandarin Interpreter to show you are serious.
  3. Use this time to protect your IP and brands for when you can get moving again.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses who didn’t know where to start achieve their China dreams by getting the communications right and protecting their valuable interests. It’s even more important now.

For more advice on how to keep your business with China progressing


For any urgent translation or interpreting needs, call our team now; we are helping a lot of businesspeople with calls on zoom to help you keep on track.

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How can we help you

100% Accurate Chinese Translations, the Best Interpreters, Marketing, Social Media – Your one-stop China Agency

At Chin Communications you can get easy access to our in-house team of highly skilled language and intercultural communication professionals who can work with you in the following ways:

1. Translation services for:

  • All marketing & PR materials, product manuals, press releases, etc.
  • Legal documents and contracts, IP and trademarks, etc.
  • Evidence including triage and urgent certified translations for court cases
  • Business procedures including HR, operational, financial, etc.
  • Specialised contents including financial, investment, trade, science, arts, agriculture, maritime, health, mining, sport
  • All types of presentations including keynote speeches, blogs, articles, powerpoint presentations, videos, podcasts, etc.

2. Interpreting Services for:

  • Events, keynotes, conferences, government & trade delegations, legal, etc.
  • Court cases in all jurisdictions – in person and remote
  • In person interpreting
  • Remote interpreting

3. In-China Marketing, Social Media and Branding Services

  • WeChat, Weibo, Red campaigns and management
  • Design the right visual identity
  • Developing and implementing social media plans and activities
  • Graphic design, typesetting
  • Video production, subtitling, voice over
  • Copywriting

4. Language and Intercultural Consulting Services

  • Cultural insights, advice and guidance in how to navigate other language, cultures, communities and cultures
  • Developing the right communication strategy and messages for the right situations
  • Developing China Market Communication Strategies
  • Recruitment and testing services for Chinese markets

5. Introductions and Networks

  • Facilitate introductions and meetings with individuals and Chinese networks
  • Coaching on how to effectively engage with China markets
  • Event partnerships and support, including delegates, staging, language, sponsorships
  • Asia Gateway Program

By partnering with Chin Communications you will be able to…

  • Grow and expand your organisation by better communicating your messages across markets,  mediums, languages and cultures that matter to you
  • Easily engage your target markets, communities and stakeholders with culturally appropriate communications that build effective, long lasting relationships
  • Mitigate the risk of being misunderstood and misrepresented in foreign languages and cultural contexts
  • Avoid costly errors, reputational damage and financial risks by getting your language and intercultural communications right the first time
  • Work with our Chinese markets experts to navigate the right roads and more confidently engage with Chinese markets

For any urgent translation or interpreting needs, call our team now:

Phone: 1300 792 446
For after hours or weekend needs, please contact  0439 910 980  or