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Chin Marketing & Communication Services | China Ready

Marketing in China

Chinese Brand Strategy,
Marketing Plan, Chinese Identity

Be yourself. Across languages, cultures, and mediums. Be true to your story, with nothing lost in translation

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Advertising and
Promotion in China

We develop insights-based marketing strategies for your entry into China’s fast-evolving market

We bring a lateral thinking approach to solving complex and dynamic challenges in China.

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WeChat Marketing
and Management

Harness the power of WeChat with personalised management

As specialists in Chinese markets, Chin Communications helps you effectively communicate your messages across the platforms that work best for you.

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China Engagement Consultation

We open doors to the Chinese market by mapping out the lay of the land

Charting new territory requires boldness, wisdom, energy, and tact.

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China Language & Culture Training

Cross-Cultural Training to conquer the Chinese Opportunity

Our training programs designed to help you understand how Chinese think, communicate and behave

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Chinese Branding

Across languages, cultures, and mediums. Define your identity, deliberately

We discovered this development as we progressed, we help you define your identity

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Chinese Graphic Design

Tailored Chinese graphic design and visual identity systems to knock off your competition

Grab your Chinese audience with beautiful, unique designs that stand out

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Chinese Video Production and Promotion

We create your brand stories and strengthen your image

Supported by a storytelling strategy and Chinese cultural localisation and adaptation, we’ll help you deliver your brand value

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Chinese Website Creation and Hosting

Creating websites that “speak” to your Chinese audience

We help you effectively communicate your messages across the platforms that work best for you

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Customised Corporate Chinese New Year Card

Strengthen relationships with your Chinese business partners

Send a unique Chinese New Year card with Australian personality

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