China Market Research

China Market Research


China Market Research

Underpinning your successful entry to the world’s largest market

Whether you are trying to break into the Chinese market, expand your existing Chinese operations or identify the opportunities available, it is crucial to get up-to-date and reliable market intelligence to realise your goal. But with rapid developments, ever-changing trends and fragmentation in many industries, not to mention Chinese Language requirements, China market research can be a daunting task to undertake on your own.

Budgets can be overwhelmed without the right strategy

Built on the expertise of experienced Chinese marketers, our market research capabilities are reinforced by our networks in China. With people on the ground gathering accurate data, our research provides you with prescient insights before your competition moves ahead.

Working alongside our Australian marketing team who understands Australian business practices, you also have the assurance that the research comes from an Australian perspective – a key advantage to add to your China business endeavour.

And more advantage can come your way. Australian businesses often need additional support for:

  • Chinese business name branding
  • website translation
  • tailored design and advertising creatives
  • Chinese social media

Our services in these areas complement your market research needs and will give you a head start for your China plan.

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