You Might Only Get One Chance in China

China Strategy


China Strategy – Here is your blueprint to succeed in China

Some critical steps will determine success or failure in China and you will likely only get one chance to crack the China market. But it’s hard to know where to start!

China is complex and the rules of the West do not apply. Reputation and size are no protection and local competition is tough; add to that the cultural dynamics and language barrier and you can see why many big brands have stuffed up.

Others have made headlines with their success though and many started out with a suitable China strategy.

Here is what you need to give yourself the best crack at the amazing China opportunity:

  • STRATEGY – at the centre of your China journey will be your strategy – a plan and steps to follow. This requires research and understanding; discussing your aims and setting a budget; help to implement and fine tune.
  • BRANDING – developing your China business or brand name is vital and needs to be done early on.
  • TARGET – understanding who you are targeting and their characteristics.
  • MESSAGING – having a website that is Chinese facing; appropriate product and service translations; targeted social media content.
  • CHANNELS – where are your buyers – where will they find you and your products and services and how to buy them is critical too. More than ever, flexibility is required in this fast-changing market.

Understanding the buyer – what they want, how they behave, where they are is KEY – this all has to be done in the Chinese space – in the language they want and on the channels they frequent.

China market training specific to your sector can give you a head start and forewarn of any dangers.

How we can help you

Chin has developed a step by step process to underpin your success in China. It starts with the right China strategy.

A consultation is a great first step to see if you are ready for China and to start planning. Contact one of our marketing team today for a confidential discussion: 1300 792 446 or

We Couldn't Have Done it Without Chin

The impact Chin has had on our business is beyond words. What started out as more translation and interpreting support has morphed into advice, business introductions, China insights, strategy and ongoing support. We now have an enterprise up and running in China and going great guns. We couldn’t have done it without Chin. Huge thanks to all the team.

Jim Tanner, CEO, Enviss

I would give a 6 out of 5 if I could!

I highly recommend the team at Chin Communications, they are highly skilled, have a great turn around time, and are a all round pleasant team to work with!

Bella Twomey, Dig + Fish