Chinese Graphic Design


Chinese Graphic Design

Graphic Design | Graphic Design for Chinese Market

Grab your Chinese audience with beautiful, unique designs that stand out

  • Tailored Chinese graphic design and visual identity systems to knock off your competition.
  • Chinese Language and graphic design work in a very different way to most other languages/markets.

If you want to stand out and above the many competitors, you need to design with your audience in mind.  You certainly don’t want to make headlines in China due to Chinese design gaffes like a number of well-known brands (pizza with chopsticks comes to mind).

Colours, layout, images all differ in appeal and traditional rules don’t work. Chinese communications are deeply embedded with cultural references – you just need to understand the encoding or work with a Chinese ‘guide’. There are different platforms to promote your offering too. Chin can help you get everything correct and in the right place with its visual identity system.

In order to impress your target audience, as well as the right design, choose images that convey prestige, fame, quality, tell your story and which will ‘sing’ to your audience – Chin can also help in selecting the right pictures.

Brings your ideas to reality and your ambitions to success with Chin’s in-house team of marketing, design and language ‘songsters’. From the strategy to the end design and wording – it’s helpful to you to have all the creation in the one place.

  • Graphic design
  • Image selection
  • Visual identity system
  • Chinese logo design
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Cultural advice

Let us help you sing to your Chinese audience!

As specialists in Chinese markets, Chin Communications helps you effectively communicate your messages through culturally in-tune design.

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Chin are an absolute pleasure to work with

Chin are an absolute pleasure to work with and in tight timeframes enabled us to front a recent conference in China with a polished set of digital resources in Mandarin which really helped us stand out from other exhibitors.

Sarah Gildea, Live Person