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Depending on your schedule and budget, a short session or
extended program can be devised


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China Language & Cross Culture Training

Chinese cross cultural training to conquer the Chinese opportunity

  • Inbound visitors or an outbound mission – interact politely and build your platform
  • The opportunity presented by almost 1.5 billion Chinese consumers is tantalising – one pair of socks to every Chinese is a dream often shattered when the reality of selling in China dawns.
  • Double your budget and your time, halve your expectations shout some…
  • Open a China office only to find the rules have changed
  • Hook up with a Chinese partner, except they stole your brand …
  • Even being Chinese doesn’t protect you from the complexities of doing business in China, but having Chinese Language skills and cultural understanding is a great advantage.

Chinese Culture Training | Cross Cultural Training

When in Rome … When in China you need to know what the Chinese want, how they want it, and how to behave. A masterclass on Australian etiquette run by the doyen of etiquette and no spring chicken, June Dally Watkins presented to the Chinese audience on table manners, meeting and greeting and business interaction with Aussies. She is going great guns in China too apparently at the ripe old age of 92.

Chinese culture training then ought to be about using chopsticks and saying Ni hao, right?

Well not quite! CHIN has developed a number of training programs designed to help you understand how Chinese think, communicate and behave – what drives that behaviour and how you can engage appropriately – even without a word of Chinese. We also include information on Chinese social media and marketing and can package up a program to suit any need or purpose.

Chinese Language Training

The reality is that if you start today it will take years to come close to fluency in Mandarin. You’d be best to go and live there for a few years to accelerate the process. You can however pick up a few key phrases and etiquette tricks to win friends and develop a sharp appreciation of Chinese cultural differences through training. You can also master Chinese pronunciation without ever looking at a Chinese character.

Programs encompass:

  • Missions to China
  • Receiving delegations from China
  • Chinese digital marketing and branding
  • WeChat and Social Media
  • Chinese Cross Culture training
  • WeChat Training
  • Working with Interpreters and Translators
  • Interpreter Training
  • Mandarin Language training, and
  • Surviving the Chinese banquet!

CHIN regularly presents on Chinese Language and Culture topics to universities, business organisations, businesses, and government departments and has helped prepare hundreds of Australians for successful business missions with China.

CHIN also helps develop and run programs for inbound Chinese delegations on specific areas of interest.

Depending on your schedule and budget, a short session or extended program can be devised.

Spend some time discussing your needs with one of the CHIN team and we will be delighted to put some suggestions together to help you.

Let us ensure you safely navigate the Chinese cultural landscape avoiding any red face moments

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