Advertising and Promotion in China


Advertising and Promotion in China

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We develop insights-based marketing strategies for your entry into China’s fast-evolving market

We bring a lateral thinking approach to solving complex and dynamic challenges in China. Our focus is to connect your brand or business to the Chinese market in a way that encourages long-term engagement. We do this by capitalising on our experience, leveraging our network, galvanising our multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team, and tapping into our expertise in the region.

How to be relevant in one of the world’s fastest growing markets?

We will assist you with:

  • Development
    This is the discovery phase. We study your brand and business and how your organisation operates; we identify what you want to accomplish, clarify your aims and motivations, and we outline and fine-tune how we’ll work towards your objectives. We work together with you to deliver what you need, be it a one-off business card translation or as a long-term partner for your Chinese marketing needs.
  • Strategy
    Understanding your goals and the scope of work allows us to be prepared in managing the variables that come into play. We work simultaneously at the strategy level as well as the execution stage so as to unearth latent needs – for example, we might discover that what started as a tagline translation project actually necessitates logo design, business trademark consulting, and legal interpretation. Being familiar with your business objectives means we know where you’re going, and what you need to do – we can be flexible about how to get there.
  • Implementation
    Our in-house team of marketing thinkers, visual designers, typesetters, and linguists will turn concept into reality. From Chinese branding, Chinese landing pages, company profile creation, social media content and curation, advertising design and media placement, copywriting and digital marketing, to public relations support and in-person representation, we’re well-equipped to support you. Through our multi-level approach to marketing, we’re able to deliver measurable outcomes and add great value for you.

Let us help you succeed in the Chinese market

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Outstanding service

"The team at Chin Communications have provided outstanding service. Quick and easy to deal with, Chin Communications have not only completed translations for us but also provided us invaluable guidance on cultural etiquette which has yielded very postive feedback from our clients. Thanks Chin Communications!"

Stefanie Uzunovski, ShineWing Australia