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A new source of important information from Australia

The world did not have a smooth start in 2020. Australia saw its worst bushfires in decades that destroyed lives, properties and land; then China met the deadly coronavirus that has affected millions of people around the globe.

While the world’s problems continue to unfold, a deluge of information on them has become a problem itself. There are many people in Australia of Chinese heritage who are desperate to know the facts and crave information in their native Chinese language with an unbiased view. They are worried about their children at school, their relatives and friends in China, and impacts to their businesses and lives. They want to help Australia, but don’t know who to trust.

With the aim of providing up-to-date, objective and trusted information from official channels, Chin Communications launched its new social media platform, Chinsight, in 2020. We observed that a growing Chinese audience wants to learn more about Australia – its history, culture, institutions, business and how things are done contrasted with life in China. We have been producing original videos, creating a bilingual section, and providing useful bilingual vocabulary in our articles to help readers expand their knowledge.

In only 3 months since its launch, Chinsight has garnered over half a million reads, a vindication that Chinese readers are genuinely interested in quality Chinese content.

It is with pleasure that we introduce this platform to you and encourage you to recommend it to your friends and colleagues, as we’re sure they will find it of value. We also welcome your feedback and any requests for content.

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