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Marketing In China

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Are you confused about where to start or who to believe in the China space?

Might be worth a chat with us; based on our 3 decades of experience, we can cut through a lot of hype and show you where to go – marketing in China with marketing experts

To assist you, we develop insights-based marketing strategies for your entry into China’s fast-evolving market.

We aim for the development of a brand value proposition and market positioning that increases consumer relevance and differentiates your business from the competition. Our marketing in China services include:

  • Brand audit and research;
  • Brand strategy, including brand value proposition and market positioning;
  • Visual identity system to align all customer touch-points;
  • Marketing strategy and implementation roadmap;
  • In-country marketing and promotional campaign development;
  • Australia-China business introductions and ongoing cultural consultation;
  • Chinese social media management and consultation; and
  • Chinese website development and hosting services in China.

We connect your brand with your target people. We help you do marketing in China

In Australia, in China and surrounds, verbally and visually, across languages and mediums; we use the power of strategic marketing and intelligent branding to engage your audience and tell your story in the right language.

Our marketing in China services including the following marketing services:

Tell both sides of your story in one, clear voice | Marketing in China- Your trusted marketing agency

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