RED Marketing and Management


RED Marketing and Management

What is RED

RED, also known as “Xiaohongshu” or Little Red Book, is a vibrant hub of commerce-related user-generated content in the form of product reviews and recommendations. It encourages users to share products and lifestyles through text, photos and videos. It is one of the most popular social platforms and is especially powerful for influencer marketing.

Red is a cost-effective solution for campaigns targeting Chinese consumers at home and in China.

Find your way to

  • 150 million users, 30 million monthly active users
  • 72% Millennials (Gen Y)
  • 56% users from tier 1&2 cities in China

Chin Formula to achieve your goals

To help Australian businesses and organisations access Chinese markets effectively, Chin Communications partners with you to deliver tailored and targeted messages to find your ideal audience on RED.

Unlock its potential and boost your sales with our special tailored formula:

  • In-depth market research of your industry and customers in China/domestic
  • Strategic planning to achieve your short term and long term goals
  • Identifying the most appropriate RED functions for different marketing phases
  • Fast and accurate copywriting/translation of your marketing and information materials
  • Professional layout and desktop publishing to suit different delivery methods
  • Advice on appealing content and images
  • Taking care of your all-important reputation, especially dealing with any negative comments
  • Must-have information and, importantly, what you should avoid

Why Chin

Chin Communications is Australia’s leading Chinese language and marketing communications specialist. Our in-house strategic marketing team has rich experience in RED marketing and management, and helping Australian businesses to communicate with their Chinese audience through high quality marketing solutions.

Our reputation for excellence is built on quality, our work with high-level clients an on the world stage, our endurance (now entering our 4th decade), and our investment in people. With respected recognition from industry, business and government communities, Chin Communications partners with you to unlock the Chinese market. Getting the message right requires experts in both worlds – Australia and China.

Book a free consultation session with our experienced China marketing professionals, see how your brand reputation and sales can grow with the help of RED.

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