Customised Chinese New Year Card for 2022

A special Chinese New Year card with an Australian personality


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Customised Chinese New Year Card for 2022

Chinese New Year in 2022 will be very different to the past, but it is more important than ever to send greetings to your Chinese friends and contacts.

Due to the tense political relationship between Australia and China, reaching out, showing respect and giving them some special offers, where possible, will send a friendly signal and show your business and brand in a positive way.

The Year of the Tiger kicks off on 1 February 2022. To help you maintain your Chinese relationships, the Chin Communications team has tailored a series of unique Chinese New Year cards. Our CNY cards are popular among businesses and organisations to show your care and respect and to keep those relationships with your Chinese clients and stakeholders strong.

The crafting of the below cards has been undertaken with consideration for Chinese customs and presents a fine balance of Western and Chinese culture in that they are modern and optimistic, and original.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:


NB: The above card designs are subject to the copyright of Chin Communications and are indicative only, the text on the above cards is a placeholder.

Carefully worded Chinese New Year messages complement the designs to suit your specific needs. We are confident that our e-cards are like no others on the market because:

/ We highlight the Australia-China relationship. It is not just another pretty card you can find anywhere. We have created a fine balance between eastern and western culture that is not only celebratory but sophisticated. More importantly, the combination symbolises cooperation and will remind your Chinese partners that these wishes are coming from you.

/ You have a choice of three designs and three greetings. The messages are carefully crafted, each one with a different focus: on continuing cooperation, on celebrating achievements, and a more personal message. You can choose your own message based on your purpose.

/ You can make it your own e-card or we can print your cards. On each design, we have left space for your logo. This way, you can make it a one-and-only card to impress your Chinese counterparts.

If you are feeling more creative, we can even create a fully customised Chinese New Year Card, a digital poster, sign, or social media post for you. Chin’s experienced graphic design team will work with you closely to ensure good conversion. Let us know more about your business and we will have some creative ideas to help propel interest.

There are other strategies you can adopt to grow awareness and drive sales. Click and watch our latest Chinese New Year Webinar.

But first things first, you must bolster your relationships with your Chinese business partners and associates by sending them this special Chinese New Year card to welcome in the Year of the Tiger.

Don’t delay as timings are always tight.

Priced at only $225.00 + GST including one design and one greeting message)

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Show empathy and respect to your Chinese partners

Stand Up for your Chinese colleagues and Stand Out with our CNY E-card

To order your 2022 Chinese New Year card or discuss the options, email us on or call 1300 792 446.