Chinese Video Production and Promotion


Chinese Video Production and Promotion

Video Production | China Digital Marketing Agency

We create your brand stories and strengthen your image, giving you the power to truly engage with your Chinese audience

Content marketing only stands out if you deliver what your target audience wants, when and how they want it and meet a short attention span. Videos do what text content can’t – if they are done well! Chinese videos will ensure you keep up with the changing digital landscape when you invest in leading-edge video marketing.

Supported by a storytelling strategy and Chinese cultural localisation and adaptation, we’ll help you deliver your brand value, relevance, and appeal to your consumers through Chinese video.

Through video production, story copywriting, photography, and Chinese translation, we tell your stories and make them memorable. We use our camera to present your unique journey.

To make your video as memorable as possible, we will:

  • Provide a bilingual project manager for your project
  • Create stories based on company culture and history, personal tales and business traits
  • Deliver script development, adaptation, and review
  • Provide professional casting and filming
  • Produce professional recording for both voiceover and dubbing
  • Handle post-production
  • Explore distribution channels to expand your video’s reach

Let us help you influence your audience

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