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Chinese Branding

Chinese Branding | Create Chinese Business Name

Be yourself. Across languages, cultures, and mediums. Be true to your story, with nothing lost in translation

There are two sides to every story. Stories become a narrative; a narrative becomes identity; identity becomes trademark. We discovered this development as we progressed, since first establishing Chin Communications as a Chinese language translation company 25 years ago.

We discovered that the translation of words led to the understanding of concepts, objectives, strategies, and frameworks to achieve impact. We observed the detrimental outcomes of not protecting your brand through correct translations.

How you articulate your words in one language informs your story in another, and that’s where we come in.

Your Chinese Name

We help you to create Chinese business name!

Connect the dots to bring meaning to your Chinese name

What’s in a (Chinese) name? It’s all about creating a seamless brand experience. From head to heart to hand and back again – that’s how intelligent branding travels and how it’s felt; a brand that isn’t understood by its audience can’t make that journey.

Imagine looking at a brand in a language foreign to you – would it make you feel at all?

Just as you’ve put time and energy into refining your brand, equal care is taken to perfecting a Chinese name. After all, it is a translation of your identity.

Define your identity, deliberately | Translate Chinese

Don’t underestimate the power of the market. If you don’t have a Chinese name, the market will create one for you. Think about it. If it’s a good name, lucky you, but technically speaking, you don’t own that name, and that creates a sticky situation for everyone, especially your lawyers. And if it’s a bad name, well, then that won’t go down well with the Chinese, or anyone. Let your identity in the Chinese market exist deliberately, by design, and in your own hands.

Process makes perfect. This is ours:

1. We get to know your brand
We identify your core values, how you work, where you work, your audience, your personality and positioning, your objectives, strategy, and just about everything there is to know about your business.

2. We identify scope
We discover the extent of your business development into the Chinese space, and re-create the scenarios in which you’ll need branding and marketing strategies. That way, we understand what brand components in Chinese are required for your business.

3. We research the market and your competitors
We analyse market precedents, competitors, and opportunities to discover insights that will become the foundation of your strategy.

4. We brainstorm
Our team of linguists, designers, and cross-cultural experts join heads to formulate concepts and tangible strategies for your brand, starting with a name and its visual form. We may use transliteration or translation to come up with a Chinese version of your brand name. Then, we visualise the Chinese characters that suit both the brand meaning and have culturally positive connotations in the Chinese language. This is the tricky part. This is also where the magic happens.

5. We develop with you
We share our findings and ideas with you in a brand report. We work with you to iterate the process and finalise your name in Chinese.

Let us help you define your identity.

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Impeccable interpreting skills

"Your service is always highly commended. My sincere gratitude to Chin Communications for your professional service. The Saturday event was quite successful with over 100 participants and Charles Qin's impeccable interpretation skills were instrumental to ensuring accurate information exchanges between our presenters and our important Chinese delegates."

Zhining Yang, International Investment, Victorian Government